StandUp2Cancer Fundraising Month Kicks Off at Château Ce Soir With a Rousing 90 Minutes of Music With Russell Eponym…!

The Annual Fundraiser for STANDUP2CANCER will be held this September in SecondLife™. Like last year, we are planning some events to raise both awareness of the illness and the work being done to eradicate it – and funds to support those efforts. Event organizer, Still Braveheart, once again has stepped to the fore and is helping 40 of SL’s finest venues plan musical shows presenting cream-of-the-crop musical artists. Again, we are pleased to be amongst those focused on the SU2C events and are proud to present our Poet Laureate, Artist-in-Residence, and Musician Extraordinaire, RUSSELL EPONYM to jump-start the effort.


Come join us for this very special show on Thursday, 01 September at 2 PM SLT. We’ll be ready to welcome you at Château Ce Soir, and look forward to the fun we’ll have enjoying Russell and his wonderful folk, blues, and beyond whilst giving cancer the boot by donating to the SU2kiosks. No artist or venue tips, please! Thank you so much for your care and support! Oh, and do look for announcement of future fundraiser shows both at Château Ce Soir and elsewhere across the grid! Shows are planned for almost every day of September, so you’ll be able to find them with ease. Thank you again for your generous support of the SU2C effort. ENJOY!

TO LEARN MORE ABOUT SU2C AND THE TELEVISION BROADCAST PLANNED FOR 09 SEPTEMBER, CLICK HEREDaily schedules will be updated and posted at BS’s Bring a Friend and Stay Awhile venue HERE.

SU2C SIGN 3 - for blog

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