StandUp2Cancer RL/SL Watch Party TONIGHT – 9 PM SLT

StandUp2Cancer is in full-swing in both RL and SL – and TONIGHT is the big televised programme devoted to raising both awareness and funds for the innovative SU2C efforts to combat cancer. Focused on excellence in research and collaboration amongst the greatest minds in the field, these efforts have already brought progress in a range of cancers. The work is exciting and many Hollywood stars and other notable individuals will gather for the grand party this year.

SU2C SIGN 3 - for blog

We in SL can attend up close by gathering at SU2C in SL coordinator Still Braveheart‘s venue, BS’s Bring a Friend and Stay Awhile. Come gather to show your support by joining in the fun and donating what you can to dedicated SU2C kiosks. Relax, dance, chat, and enjoy the broadcast on several screens at this long-time beloved venue.

For more information, visit Still’s BLOG or check out the SU2C website. Learn more about cancer, ongoing research, and what each of us can do to eradicate this insidious disease. Whilst you are at BS’s for the Watch Party, check out the REASONS 2 STAND UP board, reflecting the thoughts and dedications of many Second Life residents. Come…enjoy the event and be inspired to make a difference!

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