Spoken Word at The Magic Tree: Caledonia Skytower with More “Around the World in Folktales”

We always enjoy Cale and her wonderful readings, whether she is sharing an original story or delving into her extensive collection of tales. It’s always a wonderful time, as she is simply delightful – and the tales she tells are always of interest (and entertaining!).

Come join us this Tuesday (13th September) at The Magic Tree, 1:30 PM SLT, as Cale takes us a bit further around the world by sharing some of the most interesting and charming (or even challenging!) folktales from across a range of cultures. We always come away having learnt something important – and always, with a sense of just how connected we all are around the globe. There are indeed many more things that connect us on our human journey than separate us, and as we celebrate those unique facets of every culture, we begin to realise how close we are on this one planet that we inhabit.

Story is vital to life, as it carries truths and wisdom from ages past – and new learning too, as more tales are written. Some are from the ancient oral traditions that are so rich with imagery and learning. Cale knows this and she translates it all with exquisite readings that capture the spirit. Come enjoy this adventure!


Your magic carpet to The Magic Tree is HERE!

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