A Farewell Bash for MoShang Brings Tears and Laughter – Sadness and Joy – and MUSIC!

We knew it was going to be a fantastic night – even if a bit sad around the edges, as our favourite night at Château Ce Soir is changing. Yes, MoShang ZhaoThe Sound Jeweler himself – is leaving us for a bit to accomplish a move in RL. He has an exciting new job and some wonderful opportunities ahead, and they necessitate a time away from Second Life™ – and especially some changes in timing of shows. As he said last night, “I’ll be in the office at this time…at least to begin…” And so, we gathered to enjoy some of the best music to be had anywhere as a celebration.

ANJ GUSTAFSON kicked off the evening at 6 PM SLT in his usual brilliant style. Piano, guitar (both electric and acoustic), and some fine moog and deft arrangement had us dancing and chatting and having a great time as we anticipated the arrival of the man of the evening, MoShang Zhao. Anj always gives a great performance, and he was spot on last night!

As MoShang landed, everyone greeted him as we showered him with our appreciation and care. We are going to miss him – no matter how long he is away or how his schedule changes, we’ll all find a way to hear MoShang in-world again, and many of us own his CDs and enjoy each and every one! Many are available at iTunes…HERE.

Photograph by Katrina Darkbyrd...see note below!
Photograph by Katrina Darkbyrd…posted with permission…see note below!

When MoShang took the stage, the anticipation was palpable, and he gave us a bit of a musical retrospective from his almost 10 years as an SL musician. Those 10 years have been something special for all who have heard his innovative work with electronica (and electronics!). His inventions are hitting their stride in the marketplace now, and there’s much more to come as he continues to grow as a musician. We can’t wait to hear the news as his career continues to blossom.

MoShang played at Château Ce Soir since our opening week in early January 2012. He and Russell Eponym were the very first to play here, and they’ve been playing every week since! Mo’s leaving is going to change Thursday nights for us…but as he said last night, “It will all be good!” His kindness and sweet spirit has helped to make Ce Soir Arts what it is, and we will be forever grateful…

After Mo closed his stunning set, Nuvolino – an SL returnee himself – took the stage and gave us a stellar performance of cool trance and electronica, complete with a brilliant light show! The crowd truly enjoyed Nuvo‘s music and fun banter – and he’ll be back! If you have the chance to catch him somewhere…DO! Check our listings and this blog for his next date with us…

Yes, it was a fantastic night…and the crowds were just wonderful! We get the BEST audiences, and we are very appreciative! Not only did they support our musicians last night, they also generously donated to our venue’s StandUp2Cancer kiosk – making a difference by supporting this innovative programme that makes a major difference in the fight against cancer. We thank them all for that – and for their warmth and enjoyment of music and art…plays, and all the rest that we offer at Ce Soir Arts. Good friends including Starport Omega venue owner Kimberly Uriza gathered for the evening, and a good time was had by all!

A special thanks goes to photographer Katrina Darkbyrd, who took the photograph of MoShang for the night (see above). It’s a wonderful shot – and you can catch more of Katrina‘s fine work at her Flickr page HERE! Click through the albums…and enjoy!

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