This Sunday – 25 September – “The Unicorn Tapestries” by Avilion Cameo Theatre – 1 pm SLT at Ce Soir Arts

As previously noted (see earlier postings), we are quite pleased to host Avilion Cameo Theatre (ACT) once more for another of their stellar presentations. The Unicorn Tapestries will be performed at Ce Soir Arts, and a special platform has been set aside for the performance, placed by exceptional builder Layne Thomas, a member of the company. JOIN US HERE for the performance on Sunday; please arrive between 12:30 PM and 12:50 PM SLT for maximum enjoyment of the music and play; the performance begins promptly at 1 PM SLT.


The Unicorn Tapestries is a play based on a tale woven around the 15th century set of six tapestries known as The Lady and the Unicorn, now on permanent exhibit at Musée national du Moyen Âge (formerly known as Musée de Cluny) in Paris. Over the course of the play, secrets hidden within these fine works of art are revealed. Beautifully told by the players of ACT, the story holds quite a bit of intrigue, and we will be swept away by the telling of the story in drama, dance, and song. Come along and enjoy this delightful presentation, overseen by our friends Bajoy, Dramaturge for the company, and Moon Aerandir, Bard of Avilion.

Do plan to join us! CLICK HERE for SLurl.

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