“The Americas” – wonderful folktales as Cale wraps her series at The Magic Tree…

Cale brought us more of her wonderful readings at The Magic Tree, and as we anticipated, it was another beautiful hour with this talented writer and spoken word artist. Today, her focus was The Americas, both North and South, and we were swept away by simply charming tales – many of which fell into the category of Cinderella story, one of the shared forms of story found in countries around the world.



Each tale was unique to the country of origin, but the overall tales shared the common thread of romance – with a bit of intrigue or playfulness. The last tale of the day was a departure from The Americas programme, as Cale whisked us away to Finland for a time-honoured story of two competing brothers and their father’s method of finding each of them a sweetheart to wed. Both brothers set out on the adventure as planned…but – as luck (or providence) would have it – there were distinct differences and some sweet surprises along the way! To say that we and all assembled enjoyed this hour would be an understatement.

Calle will return soon, prepared to share with us some very special stories that will take us into the autumn season…and provide a bit of chilling for Halloween! You won’t want to miss it, so do look here, on SL Search in-world, and at our schedule board at Ce Soir Arts for details. Consider joining our Subscribe-O as well, and then…you won’t miss a thing!

Drop over anytime to dance, relax, or wander about. Come…be inspired tonight!

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