Aliens…and other stories: the highlight of another wonderful day at The Magic Tree!

BRYN and DUBHNA provided two hours of excellent stories, as always, at The Magic Tree today. Bryn‘s spot-on telling of a selected tale from Aurthur C. Clarke’s 2001: A Space Oddysey. It was indeed riveting, as the party responded to an eerie magnetic anomaly on the moon – and discovered a mysterious black monolith. The images were striking, and Bryn did some convincing alien voices that drew us into the tale… He just HAS to come back with more of this, as the taste of Ray Bradbury’s work that he shared at the end of the hour was just enough to whet our appetites for more…

BRYN in alien gear
           BRYN in alien gear

Dubhna‘s reading – always a journey to everywhere – included specially selected poetry, all beautiful including some verse that had flowed from her own pen. Each one was delivered with her characteristic style that always satisfies. Dubhna is known for reading deeply expressive poetry and sharing writings by both known and unknown writers; we can’t wait to have her return with another exploration of works tender or forceful, always with a point worth hearing.

DUBHNA telling tales...
                     DUBHNA telling tales…

Both of these outstanding spoken word artists will return to The Magic Tree on 12 October (2 PM and 3 PM SLT, respectively). Do plan to join us!

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