Join us for two hours of engaging spoken word at The Magic Tree…Wednesday, 2 and 3 pm SLT

BRYN READINGIt’s Wednesday, 28 September, and we’ve got two hours of excellent spoken word coming your way! At 2 PM SLT, outstanding reader BRYN TALEWEAVER will take us on a SCI-FI journey. We’ll meet aliens in unusual places and encounter some strange happenings along the way. Don’t miss this unique and very enjoyable hour!

Dubhna at The Magic Tree - 0416 - for advertsUp next, the wonderful DUBHNA RHIADRA will drop in and invite us into some special stories that she’s chosen with us in mind. We always enjoy Dubhna‘s readings; I call them an adventure to everywhere, because you never know just what gems she’ll be sharing – but you can bet they’ll be shining ones…

Come along and enjoy listening to fantastic tales as we relax under the branches of The Magic Tree in Ce Soir Arts. Your chariot is HERE

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