Hallowe’en approaches….spookiness abounds…and the Mad Masquerade is in planning…!

Those who know us at Ce Soir Arts are not at all surprised to come upon a shift in the sim, now that Hallowe’en is truly on the horizon. Autumn is, after all, our very favourite time of year! We love the weather, the spooky ambience of almost every corner, and the sheer fun and delight of celebration!

Autumn Spookiness at Côte de la Mer Galerie
Autumn Spookiness at Côte de la Mer Galerie

So…on your next visit, do pop round to Côte de la Mer Galerie and note some rather spooky photographs… There will, it seems, be a creeping escalation of this ghoulishness about the sim, so visit now and again to experience it as it unfolds… There will be some stellar stops along the way, and Tuesday (18 October) readings at The Magic Tree are included:

The Magic Tree Reading Spot

NOON: ✫ RUSSELL EPONYM ✫ – The Poet Laureate’s wit & wisdom: poetry, prose, music – with a bit of spookiness, just for fun! This hour is always much more than entertaining; it’s delightful, and always with some specially-chosen music to intrigue and enchant. Russell’s Thought for the Day is always a treat to hear, and it usually carries something important for us to consider. Add that to his exceptional readings and musical interludes, and you have a recipe for a charming hour indeed!

1:30 PM: ✫ CALEDONIA SKYTOWER ✫ – Reading from THE GRAVEYARD BOOK by Neil Gaiman, Cale is guaranteed to bring us a pre-Halloween chill – with more coming soon! This award-winning tale of a young boy taken in by the very dead denizens of a dark and starless graveyard will get your attention and have you looking about to see just who – or what – may be lurking. (Well, we ARE fairly close to the Witchwood Hollow Graveyard…!) Cale’s reading of this frightful tale is spot on and there will be more to come as she reads from the DUNGEON on Halloween…………

The MAD MASQUERADE is planned for Thursday, 27 October…so look for more details about that – and the fabulous music we will enjoy – soon!

Have fun with autumn – enjoy the weather and the fun décor…and get ready for some spooktacular times ahead!

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