It’s Hallowe’en – with Spooktacular events coming up before – and after! – The Mad Masquerade…

Halloween is coming…creeping its way into our collective consciousness in SecondLife™ by the increasing pervasiveness of a lightly acrid mist and the mounting prevalence of special events focused on the dark side – and the fun of spooky costumes and other trappings of the season. Are you looking forward to TRICK-OR-TREATING – or just enjoying the sugary treats to be brought in by other sweet little goblins? At our house, there will be candied and caramel apples, maple popcorn, and pumpkin-clove cupcakes on which to feast – and lots of spooky stories told ’round the bonfire up in the hills.

As we prepare, our thoughts turn to the third annual MAD MASQUERADE at Ce Soir Arts. The event will be held on Thursday, 27 October, and this year, it promises to be even MORE fun than ever before. For one thing, we have the entire sim to play with and enjoy. We already have several ghoulish spots, and they’ll become increasingly so as the week moves along…slowly, creepily, darkly, inexorably…toward the Halloween holiday itself. Do see below the week’s offerings as we make our way to Thursday and the very flambouyantly mad, musical MAD MASQUERADE at the Witchwood Hollow Cemetery in Ce Soir Arts (when we hope you’ll all come decked out in your scary best!) – and then the very spooky events of Halloweeon Monday, next…when we shall dare to visit the GRAVEYARD DUNGEON for more spine-chilling reading from Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book – from none other than the spooktacular Caledonia Skytower. Dare you join us? There will be a rather gruesome literary SURPRISE following Cale‘s riveting reading…muahahaha! Look for more on that in our next posting….


Of course, you know that beforehand, there will be a bit of a sinister prodrome

russell-byron-croppedFirst up (Tuesday, 25 October – NOON at The Magic Tree): Ce Soir Arts Poet Laureate, Russell Eponym will bring us a host of spooky tales to celebrate Halloween! He joins us with mayhem in mind, sharing some dark poetry and tales – as well as some outstanding music to match the ghoulish mood of the sim. Come enjoy his wit, wisdom, and always intriguing Thought for the Day. Dress in your ghoulish best if you like. It will be spooktacular!

bryn-as-vampyr-11On Wednesday, 26 October at The Magic Tree, we open at 2 PM witBRYN TALEWEAVER, undoubtedly dressed in Halloween finery as he creeps in to scare us with chilling stories fitting for the season! Come prepared to hang onto your seats as we thrill to dark tales from the crypt – and beyond! Dress in your ghoulish best if you like. It will be delightfully horrifying!

dubhna-at-bryns-vampyr-readingDUBHNA RHIADRA will follow with scary storytime adventures. Come enjoy soulful, expressive poetry and writings by well-known and unknown writers, and by Dubhna herself. This hour will thrill and chill…so don’t miss it! Dress in your ghoulish best if you like. You will be welcomed to a macabre Halloweeescapade you won’t soon forget!

stranger-at-reading-cales-wild-western-women-0716-1STRANGER NIGHTFIRE will offer an hour of tales made for the chilling season at The Magic Tree, 4 PM SLT. Stranger, The OUTLAW Folk Singer, is also a poet and lover of the spoken word. Just as he makes each song his own, each work he reads is expressed from his unique perspective. He sings and reads the likes of Bob Dylan, Buffy Saint-Marie, and Leonard Cohen – and others who delve into the darker world of the season.

We hope that you’re enjoying your own Halloween prequel…digging in the closets or shopping for something perfect to wear on that spookiest of nights – and planning your gruesome treats (muahahaha!). We’ll be enjoying some spider’s nest cookies and Frankenstein punch

To visit us at Ce Soir Arts for the above-noted events at The Magic Tree, click HERE…and enjoy! (LMs for other events coming soon!)

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