That…was fun!

mad-masquerade-2017We had a grand time at the 2016 MAD MASQUERADE. We had been in anticipation since early in October, and as it built, we got truly excited – and had lots of fun enhancing the sim in a…ummm…decidedly sinister fashion. Art in at Côte de la Mer Galerie is pretty creepy, and the chilly autumn tone is clear, everywhere you look. This year, we decided to host the MAD MASQUERADE out-of-doors…and where else but Witchwood Hollow?

It’s pretty spooky down there…and we had a great time. Check out the stunning line-up (and some very cool photos)!

RUSSELL SERENADES at The Mad Masquerade 2016 (that's MoonDog in the tree!)
RUSSELL SERENADES for Mad Masquerade – MoonDog (and friend?) in the tree!

FIRST UP: The Modern Lord Byron…I mean…troubadour extraordinaire RUSSELL EPONYM. Russell landed at 2 PM to provide 90 minutes of the best in folk, blues, and, well, WAY beyond! His goth getup and new guitar were just the beginning! Russell was really into both the music and the scene, and we really had a great time dancing and chatting with the large crowd of fans and friends that gathered. The costumes were stellar! Check the photos below to get an idea of the amazing party we enjoyed!

John & Coffee HARLEQUINS!
John & Coffee HARLEQUINS!





Veronica & Richie Dancing
Veronica & Richie Dancing
Legolas Ready for Lift-Off Marinella in Lovely Gown
Legolas Ready for Lift-Off
 Marinella in Lovely, Spidery Gown








Ariel & Isis Sharing a Dance (we think that's Kedwyn too)
The Egyptian Queens Ariel & Isis 
  (we think that’s Kedwyn too)
The Lovely Still and her Spooky Date!
The Lovely Still and her Spooky Date!







What a great show for a kick-off for an amazing event. Thank you, Russell…and everyone! It was a grand start to an exciting evening!


ANJ Rocks as The Phantom of the Opera…!

At 6 PM SLT, none other than the exciting multi-instrument musician ANJ GUSTAFSON flew in – all decked out like the creepy Phantom of the Opera! He brought his own lovely Christine along (the beautiful Kiran!), and was ready to rock the graveyard – which he readily did! Great tunes from a range of excellent artists – and some of his very own songs – filled the air as we danced and sang along, enjoying lively banter and many, many laughs (and a few scary moments as well). It was so much fun – just look at this lovely bunch of coconuts! Muahahaha!

Stinky Jim & Sweet Kitty Maggie Dance the Night Away!
Stinky Jim & Sweet Kitty Maggie          Dance the Night Away!








Fall Beauty on a Spooky NIght!
Fall Beauty on a Spooky Night!
Cybercouple Grooving...
Cybercouple Grooving…









We had a rockin’ good time with Anj on stage, as always…and that creepy getup really added to the mood. I could almost hear him crooning, “…the music of the night…!” What a wonderful time! I didn’t get THE photo of the lovely Kiran as Christine…until later, during the next show…so…

Sweet & Chilling – Anj & Ki as The Phantom & Christine

We weren’t quite done yet! To round out the evening with a particularly ghoulish twist, trance and ambient madman (otherwise known as Nuvolino) swooped in at The Witchwood Hollow Church (what’s left of it!) to help us strut our stuff as the evening wore on into the deeper, darker hours. That was some cool music – and Nuvolino, as always, provided an extra thrill and chill to go with, what with that ghoulish spider rig…and that wild, eeevil avatar! Have a look below to see what I mean! EEEEEK! Blood-curdling scream!

NUVOLINO with Chilld and Thrills!
NUVOLINO with Ambient Chills and Thrills!

It was a trance-ylvania night, as we danced to the pounding beat and grooved on all the cool Hall’we’en outfits. Nuvo’s great original music had us dancing merrily – and he even shared some new tracks with us that had us riveted as the old church creaked and groaned under the onslaught! Wheeee! (And that spidery rig and Nuvo‘s deep, DARK, and menacing voice were just, well…gruesome…(in the most delightful of ways, of course!))

Sweetest witch on the grid - SYRAH!
Sweetest witch on the grid – SYRAH!






Aeon & Mireille digging the dark,,,
Aeon & Mireille digging the dark,,,


Aladuns and Krissi Grooving to the Tunes!
The Crowd Getting Down to Nuvo's Beat
The Crowd Getting Down to Nuvo’s Beat
The Light Show was SPOOKTACULAR…
Nuvolino at his scary best!
Nuvolino at his scary best!

If you missed the 2016 MAD MASQUERADE…there are still thrills and chills awaiting you at Ce Soir Arts… And, of course, there’s always NEXT YEAR…..!

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