After the thrills of Hallowe’en…

It’s time for a quieter – but definitely a fun week at Ce Soir Arts! Halloween was great (see earlier postings to share in the fun of The Mad Masquerade…and more!)…but as autumn deepens, there is a lot to do at home in preparation for the coming holidays and winter. Of course, our Australian friends are getting geared up for summertime fun whilst we are changing pace in the other direction. Most of us have settled in after the time change – both in the US and in EUR…and this signals the new season.

Whatever you do in preparation for holidays and weather changes, enjoy every moment – and do come visit us at Ce Soir Arts when you can. A new art exhibit is in the offing sometime soon (we can’t wait to see what this particular artist has in store!)…and other events are scheduled. Check out what’s up this week, below. We hope to see you soon!


Your magic carpet ride is HERE – and don’t forget to wander!

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