Thanksgiving nears…a time for gratitude and a quieter week…

Thanksgiving in the US is coming quickly. We cannot believe that it’s mid-November already. The weather has been lovely – and that fantastic MOON from last night simply took our breath away! Of course, we had no camera with us – and we were so transfixed we forgot about our phones…

As we prepare for the season of Thanksgiving, let us pause to remember all that we have – especially the people who make our lives so rich and interesting. Even though the Christmas season is on its heels, let’s focus on Thanksgiving first. Relax, tell people you care about them and feel grateful for their presence in our lives.

Æon and I feel grateful for all who share SecondLife™ with us. We’d not have nearly as much fun without them…which means you! Thank you, and remember that you are always welcome at Ce Soir Arts! We are focused on the spoken word this week, and we have some outstanding readings planned. See the schedule below, and enjoy!


Your magic carpets await: The Magic Tree Reading Spot and Château Ce Soir!

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