Thanksgiving arrives…this week!

Thanksgiving week at Ce Soir Arts offers us the beauty, grace – and fun – of Poet Laureate and Artist-in-Residence, the inimitable RUSSELL EPONYM. We have been delighted by his work in a range of genres in the arts since we founded Ce Soir Arts in January 2012. As we will soon celebrate a full five years of art, poetry, theatre, dance, and music, this holiday season is extra-special. Come along to enjoy – and if you are in the US, do relax and enjoy this harvest festival of gratitude and celebration with family and friends on the lovely autumn holiday!


During his usual Tuesday hour at The Magic Tree, Russell will share selected prose and poetry; he always has a reflective Thought for the Day and shares some outstanding music from various artists (as well as from his own songbook). We gather to enjoy at NOON SLT, and you are invited to join us!

On Thanksgiving, Russell (LIVE from Wales) will provide 90 minutes of folk, blues and beyond at 2:00 PM. This collection of well-chosen cover songs and Russell‘s own compositions fill the hour with melody. His intricate finger-style guitar and array of instruments (from different types of guitars to harmonica, banjo, and even the kazoo) allow Russell to share classical, historical, and modern music with his own special touch. He is a very serious musician who approaches his music with both reverence and joy – and his banter with the audience is charming indeed! Dress in Thanksgiving costume or wear your favourite outfit (casual or formal) and pop round to Château Ce Soir to join in the fun. We’ll be happy to see you!


For your transport: The Magic Tree and/or Château Ce Soir

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