Dickens Comes Alive at Seanchai Library this Christmas! Opening 10 December…

One of our favourite spoken word artists in Second Life™ is the very talented writer Caledonia Skytower. She reads regularly at The Magic Tree, sharing from her wealth of stories and tales. Each of her original narratives – from humourous yarns to quite descriptive adventures with a Gaelic flair – has our attention whenever she takes the reader’s stage. We encourage you to come enjoy her heartfelt presentations, twice monthly, at present, so do check the schedule. You’ll not regret it, guaranteed!


We’re not the only ones who hold her dear, and her exceptionally engaging work at the Seanchai Library in Second Life™ offers us an array of readings and programmes – on her own and in collaboration with many of the finest literary talents around. Included, of course, are the steady and gifted staff: founder and Librarian Emeritus Derry McMahon and her partner Bear Silvershade; Chief Seanchai Shandon Loring, and Caledonia as Library Lead. This group has created a marvelous location for all things literary and collaborate with Bradley University and the Community Virtual Library as well. Visit there and keep up with things by following the informative blog of The Seanchai Libraries in Second Life™, InWorldz™, and Kitely™. Travel about and enjoy readings by these gifted folk and others including Gyro Muggins, Trolley Trollop, Dubhna Rhiadra, Freda Frostbite and more!


One of the most treasured offerings at Seanchai Library has been their annual presentation of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Now in its fourth year, this charming production offers us an opportunity to heighten our enjoyment of the holiday season. This engaging tale has captured the hearts of generations, and for good reason: it’s a marvelous and inventive story that carries time-honoured truths from the human condition. Everyone can relate to the storyline; most of us grasp it readily in its entirety, but all take a meaningful, life-affirming message from the legendary work of Dickens, a true literary genius whose body of work from the Victorian era continues to enrich our lives in the modern world.

Don’t miss this stellar grouping of readings this year; whether it’s your first or fourth listen, you’ll be enchanted – and there are some interesting enhancements this year as well, so do check it out! The Dickens Project Schedule is currently available on a special page of Seanchai Library’s website.  Times and dates are subject to change.  Check details at the website and at The Dickens Project itself (once the festival opens) for the most up to date event information. Events are free to all Second Life residents, and donations will be accepted to benefit Team Diabetes in Second Life. Go, enjoy, donate, and have a wonderful opening to the holiday season!

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