Holiday Spirit Takes Hold at Ce Soir Arts…

It’s holiday time again at Ce Soir Arts, and you’ll notice a shift toward celebrating around the sim. Something festive gets added almost every day, so visit often to enjoy…

first-week-december-2016Tuesday this week, Russell EponymPoet Laureate of Ce Soir Arts – will grace The Magic Tree with his always inspiring Thought for the Day, the continuation of reading from Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men, a grouping of other readings, and some outstanding musical selections. Come on over and relax with us for this always enjoyable hour!

On Thursday (2 PM SLT), Russell will return with 90 minutes of LIVE MUSIC, streamed in from Wales. His stellar guitar playing and extensive repertoire of music (his famous “folk, blues, and beyond”) will delight us as we dance and enjoy one another’s company. The chat is always lively and Russell‘s exceptional talents and friendly banter keep us smiling. We always have a wonderful time…and you’re invited!

After a bit of a break, Thursday again breaks out in song as the multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Anj Gustafson steps to the stage at Château Ce Soir to entertain us. His tender, powerful voice fills the air – and his expert guitar, piano and flute-playing lends itself to a broad repertoire of classic and original rock and love songs that he delivers with that special “Anj panache”! Ki will be along and expertly provide a fun dance HUD for those who’d like to join in the fun. Other couples and singles dances are also available in the venue. (I always enjoy mentioning that because it gives me an opportunity to thank talented builder Aitanna Itano, who created our beautiful Ce Soir Silhouettes for dancing. Thank you, Aitanna for this most unique and special gift!)

Carrying on in the party vein, Australian trance and ambient musician Nuvolino flies in from Bondi Beach (or some such lovely and summery location “down under”) to provide an hour of fresh electronica with an undeniable beat. This is DANCE MUSIC, people…and it’s loads of fun! The vocals are incredible against the backdrop of that often-rousing tempo. Whether it’s mellow or on fire, Nuvo‘s original tracks and upbeat banter makes the evening go by in the most enjoyable way!

As you can tell, we’re having a good time at Ce Soir Arts, and even if the galleries remain on hiatus, the festive spirit is showing everywhere! As for the galleries, we had the misfortune of TWO artists who fell ill just before their scheduled shows; one is recovering nicely from a serious bout with pneumonia and taking the winter off, and the other is still sneezing with the flu); look for something special…sometime soon!

jimmyt-preachermanIn the meantime, come over and enjoy these scheduled performances this week and look ahead to some holiday fun! We just got the word that JimmyT49 Dukes will be on stage at 6 PM SLT on 19 December – bringing us some of his absolutely outstanding blues and MORE! JimmyT knows how to play that guitar, and his voice is powerful…don’t miss it! We’ll be sharing more information soon…so look back!

And what a night that will be, as DaBluez Preacher (SRV4U Conacher) will bring his stellar Christmas Show to us that same night, so if you want some rockin’ in your stockin’, we’ve got you covered. He’ll be playing at 7 PM, so hang out after JimmyT’s fabulous show and enjoy this outstanding musician; get your Christmas groove on! Details soon!

tinies-gathering-for-carolling-at-the-magic-tree-2015Add to that some musical fun with the Raglan Carollers on 20 and 27 December at The Magic Tree (and perhaps elsewhere on the sim) , and you’ve got the makings of a fine holiday season filled with joy! They visited us last year…it was wonderful! We’re looking forward to their presentation this year!

Æon and I have something special up our sleeves too with our Off-the-Shelf Productions at Dover Beach Theatre – or perhaps elsewhere on the sim. Thank you, Linden Labs™ for the upped prim/LI limits! We will soon be adding to Ce Soir Arts in area. Stay tuned…!

The Magic Tree
The Magic Tree
Chateau Ce Soir
Château Ce Soir
The Conservatory
The Conservatory & The Oracle Parlour
Dover Beach Theatre







The Magic TreeChâteau Ce Soir…  The Conservatory… Dover Beach Theatre

Come…be inspired tonight!

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