This, my friends, is how to celebrate in style!

We had more fun than – as my US grandmother used to say – you can “shake a stick at!” on both Monday and Tuesday, this week – and we’re just getting started with the holiday festivities! Wow…what a grand time we have had…!

First of all, we had two – count them…one, two – hours of fabulous BLUEZ with top guitarist/vocalists JIMMYT49 and DA BLUEZ PREACHER on Monday night. Wow. We held church, people – and it was awesome! This bluez is like no other, and both of these professional musicians rocked the house during two sets of SCREAMIN’ guitar and sweet jazzy vocals that shook the rafters at Château Ce Soir. The house was full and the energy was palpable as it moved through the crowd like an electric current. Whoa!


Despite the fact that my camera went on the fritz just as JIMMYT49 stared his amazing set (hence, the PR photo above instead of a live shot – so sorry!), the man knows how to kick it – whether he’s wailin’ the BLUEZ or crooning a song until it literally cries. He had us, solid, for the hour he was on stage, and we loved it as we ran up and down the emotional gauntlet that IZ the BLUEZ. Oh, my! It was such a cool groove. Brggsygirl was with us throughout and she had as much fun as we did – and it seems JIMMYT49 was jingle-bellin’ all the way, himself! We didn’t want to let go…but as soon as DA BLUEZ PREACHER came a-knockin’, we were well-primed for his special brand of Christmas carols (and more!). To say that he put some rockin’ in our stockin’ wouldn’t really touch it – because our stockin’s were overflowing well before his set ended at the top of the hour!

DA BLUEZ PREACHER with Santa's Sleigh
DA BLUEZ PREACHER with Santa’s Sleigh

DA BLUEZ PREACHER comes into SL this time of year with his amazing Rock Christmas Tour, and we just HAD to be on the list! After all, we’ve been good at Ce Soir Arts and we thought Santa ought to get the lead out and get that sleigh on over to our place! PREACHERMAN (and the ever-wonderful WILMA – the guitar who knows it ALL) saw to it that the sleigh landed right on time! This fantastic hour was more than a treat – it was a real joy, as we celebrated the true reason for the season – the birth of the Baby Jesus, Light of the World. The love was everywhere, and we closed the night with a sweet Silent Night and lots of hope and joy! THANK YOU, PREACHERMAN – and Wilma, and Solana!

We needed some rest after all that…and rest we did! We hope your holiday celebrations will have as much FUN as this was!

More about what’s comin’ up…comin’ up!

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