Smooth Crooning with Russell Eponym – Rawkin’ Around the Christmas Tree with Anj Gustafson and Groovin’ the Night Away with Nuvolin – Perfect Holiday Party!

We have a question: Can you have TOO MUCH FUN for the holidays? Well, we hope not, because we just extended the limit! What a night!

RUSSELL's Holiday Greeting 2016
RUSSELL’s Holiday Greeting 2016

First, of course, Musician Extraordinaire RUSSELL EPONYM dropped in for his usual 90-minute Thursday show at Château Ce Soir. His jolly style was infectious, and the whole crowd was singing, dancing, and chatting up a storm during this 90-minute holiday extravaganza! We lost count of the number of revelers, but we know everyone was having a rousing good time! RUSSELL‘s signature folk, blues, and beyond was spiced up with a few choice Christmas carols and a lot of holiday banter and fun. His White Christmas was so lovely…and Silent Night touched us deeply with love and grace. We have one more of these shows before the year is over, but this one was indeed one for the record books! A great start, truly, for 2017! HOHOHO!

Note the Poet Laureate’s wonderful holiday greeting, above. He is doing well with diligent attention to his health care treatments for cancer, and we hold him close in thought and prayer for continued healing and health in the new year!

THEN, after a much-needed supper break for us, we popped back into the venue just in time to welcome the one-and-only ANJ GUSTAFSON and the lovely KIRAN. These two bring joy and good times wherever they go – including every-other-Thursday-night at Château Ce Soir. We knew we were in for a treat, and avatars just kept dropping in – it was a madhouse of discerning music fans and a whole lot of holiday FUN! ANJ gifted us with a rollicking hour of RAWKIN’ tunes played on that amazing array of instruments he plays – with ease and skill. His voice filled the hall and we had a BLAST! He brought out some Christmas tunes too…and gave us a dose of jolly for the season – as well as a fine moment of celebrating the birth of the Baby Jesus in Bethlehem. Wonder-FULL!

As soon as ANJ dropped his last note, up stepped Aussie marvel NUVOLINO. With his signature trance and electronica beat, NUVO had us dancing and prancing again! It was another glorious hour of holiday cheer – plus a special number prepared just for the event: a beautiful song in honour of the Christ Child. What a happy occasion this was – music and light show and fun, OH, MY! We’re already primed to start the new year out right with another visit from NUVO and friends, so stay tuned…!

I missed the holiday photos, as I’ve had a recurring photo issue…! I’ve sorted the camera (what a crazy problem that was – and, thankfully, easy to fix! It was all on my end – can you believe? teehee!)! So…look for some special photos coming up!

Have a great weekend, everyone – make the holiday merry and bright!


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