What a special time at The Magic Tree…

2016 is rapidly coming to a close, and today was the last reading at The Magic Tree for both Poet Laureate Russell Eponym and honoured reader Caledonia Skytower. Both had stellar presentations for the day. Russell treated us to a wonderful collection of music (always a treat!); stories including the wonderful Steinbeck tale he’s been reading of late, Of Mice and Men; a selection of beloved poetry; and a fantastic Thought for the Day that left us all pondering just how good 2017 could be if we just opened ourselves to the possibilities. A wonderful way to wrap our fifth year, Russell! Thank you!


The Raglan Carollers presented an encore presentation of their delightful holiday music, bringing smiles all around – and getting us up to dance and sing along! This group travels the grid at holiday time, spreading cheer like confetti wherever they go. We love them and can’t wait until next year! We’ll look for other activities in 2017. In the meantime, if you have the chance, do visit the wonderful Raglan Shire – and make a donation to uphold their work. Thank you!

RAGLAN CAROLLERS Caroling at the End of the Year
RAGLAN CAROLLERS Caroling at the End of the Year

Caledonia Skytower outdid herself with a beautiful reading of two stories from the late Irish author Maeve Binchy: The Cure for Sleeplessness and One Night a Year from the collection Chestnut Street. We enjoyed both stories tremendously, and we always enjoy Cale‘s company! She has been reading with us for more than a year now, and we look forward to many more readings from this talented writer and spoken word artist in the new year. Visit her website to learn more about her work here, at Seanchai Library, and in the RL as well!

My photos went haywire for Cale’s reading…but I have a beautiful one of her at The Dickens Project at Seanchai Library earlier in the month. Enjoy!

The Lovely Caledonia at the Dickens Finale
The Lovely Caledonia at the Dickens Finale

It was a beautiful end-of-year day at The Magic Tree – and we have another tomorrow! Come join us at 2 PM for a reading by Bryn Taleweaver and at 3 PM by Dubhna Rhiadra – two other outstanding spoken word artists we are privileged to have sharing with us at The Magic Tree.

Come join us for the continuing celebration at The Magic Tree! Be inspired tonight!


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