Another day of wonder as we close out year five at The Magic Tree…

2016 is winding down quickly…and we have now closed out the year at The Magic Tree in style. Tuesday’s readings were spectacular. Indeed the whole range of holiday readings was very special indeed. Please see earlier postings for details.
bryn-christmastide_002Today, for the last readings of 2017, BRYN TALEWEAVER joined us with More Seasonal Spirit at 2 PM. BRYN is a master storyteller, bringing intrigue and energy (not to mention an array of voices and personalities) to every reading. He took care to honour Christmas as it passes and heightened our anticipation for the new year ahead. His selections were spot on, as his tales were fanciful and full of winter weather and magic. We can’t wait to see what he has in store for us in 2017…so come round to enjoy!

dubhna-christmastideAt 3 PM, DUBHNA RHIADRA, another of our favourite spoken word artists regaled us with captivating stories including the tale of Isis and Osiris – a riveting story, fraught with peril and filled with love. Her reading of this amazing tale was worthy of the gods and we all were deep into it as the myth unfolded as if we were present for the action. DUBHNA will return as well in the new year – with a special three-session series beginning 11 January and read every-other-Wednesday, after Bryn.

We bid a fond farewell to The Magic Tree until 03 January when the Poet Laureate of Ce Soir Arts – the erudite and most talented Russell Eponym – will resume his weekly readings from the forest throne. How fitting that he should begin the new year as the first to read in 2017; he was the first to read in January 2012 – our very first presentation to the grid. Plan to join us! You’ll be delighted – guaranteed!

Poet Russell Reads – 10/01/2012

Until then…we have one more show in store – 90 minutes of the magical folk, blues, and beyond with Russell Eponym at Château Ce Soir at 2 PM this Thursday (tomorrow!). He has not only been our Poet Laureate and the first to read at The Magic Tree, Russell was also the first to provide music at Ce Soir Arts in January 2012. It’s interesting how the timing worked out that he will be the last of 2016 and the first of 2017. It seems poetic somehow, and we’re thrilled – just as we were five years ago when we did not have a clue in our heads about what we were doing founding such a place as this. We’ve learnt so much – and much of that learning has come from Russell. Thank you, Russell! More than we can say! So…on Thursday, come along for the fun. Bring your dancing shoes and your smile, as we will be celebrating the advent of 2017. We trust the new year will be interesting and that we can each bring more goodness to bear in our lives. Be well and happy, dear friends – Voltaire once noted that it’s good for the health!

Benvenue à Ce Soir - Noël 2011
           Bienvenue à Ce Soir – Noël 2011

To join us at Château Ce Soir, CLICK HERE! Do remember that you are welcome at Ce Soir Arts at any time. Come, relax and enjoy – and be inspired tonight!

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