Happy New Year, Everyone – as we close out five glorious years and look forward to more in 2017!

Today was a beautiful day at Ce Soir Arts, and we closed out five years of readings, plays, art exhibits, and musical shows with a 2016 grand finale with the one-and-only RUSSELL EPONYM at 2 PM. The place was crowded with members of the Eponymous Family and Russell fans from across the grid – and beyond! The sweet Fleure from her Fleure‘s Enchanted Corner – now located in InWorldz – join us, along with many others to celebrate the end of our fifth year. How fitting that Russell – who was the first to read AND play music at Ce Soir Arts back in January of 2012 – be the one to close the year.

He was in fine form, as always, with a cheerful smile in his voice as he played those outstanding guitars and other instruments, serenading us with his own compositions as well as covers from the likes of Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen. NO ONE can sing “Suzanne,” like Russell. Or any of a thousand other songs, for that matter! People were dancing and laughing and truly enjoying the fantastic 90-minute set. Wow.

Russell - Christmas 2016
Russell – Christmas 2016

Russell is continuing his cancer treatment, having a last chemotherapy treatment tomorrow. He has done beautifully and has continued his wonderful performances with grace and energy. We wish him well, of course, and hope that this treatment will go smoothly and bring him exactly what he needs as his recovery continues. We love him dearly and feel grateful for all he gives us in talent and love.

We wish you all health and well-being for 2017 and hope that you enjoy a very happy new year’s celebration this weekend. Be safe and happy! Kick up your heels as we all look forward to the coming year. It will have its challenges, you can bet, but we can face them with grace together. See you next year!

Remember that all of Ce Soir Arts is open throughout, so do visit anytime. Dance, relax, wander about and chat with friends or a special someone. Take the LM notecard at the main landing and explore above and below. Enjoy!

Come…be inspired tonight!

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