The best holiday photo 2016 – from Wildstar Beaumont!

We got a special treat this week from none other than the marvelous photographer and blogger, Wildstar Beaumont. One of our favourite artists, Wildstar exhibited with us this past year with his wonderful exhibit: SAILING. One of the most popular of our exhibits for the year, this exceptional look at the beautiful sailing vessels to be found on the grid was a joy for us to host. Wildstar is an officer and a gentleman of the highest calibre, and his talents are legendary – for good reason. For one thing, his perspective in photography is outstanding; he can draw out details in a shot that others might miss – just by his approach to the scene. It’s amazing, as you can see below. Marvelous!

Santa Over Ce Soir by Wildstar Beaumont
Santa Over Ce Soir by Wildstar Beaumont

Wildstar captured this shot of Santa Over Ce Soir during a holiday reading at The Magic Tree. He cammed up to see the sleigh flying across the sky in the moonlight, and the result is beautiful! Thank you, Wildstar, for continuing to share your magnificent talents with us. We look forward to your next exhibit in 2017! You can see the original at our Côte de la Mer Galerie & Lawn. You can also visit Wildstar‘s work on exhibit at Bright Star Gallery in Winterfell, HERE. Enjoy!


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