The first reading of the year…with Poet Laureate, Russell Eponym!

It’s year six, and Russell Eponym is again on hand to open the year. Whilst his first foray into Ce Soir Arts was playing music at Château Ce Soir on our official opening day (05 January 2012), he then – the very next Tuesday – christened The Magic Tree with a very special reading of prose and poetry that we will never forget. There’s a photo of that event in an earlier post, but I must add it here as well…in part because it was before we moved to the base sim, and everything was completely pristine. Such a special time that was – and what a special time it is now, every Tuesday at NOON SLT with Russell!

Russell Eponym Reads - January 2016
Russell Eponym – January 2012

Come on over to relax under the branches of The Magic Tree with Russell…you’ll be so happy you did! Enjoy his Thought for the Day, music from himself and other artists, and special prose and poetry for the occasion. You will be warmly welcomed!

Your chariot to The Magic Tree!

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