Caledonia Skytower & Eleseren Brianna Present “The Curio” – Live at The Magic Tree – Tuesday, 1:30 PM

We at Ce Soir Arts enjoy offering a range of entertainments and educational programmes to the denizens of Second Life™. On Tuesday, 10 January 2017, we are honoured to offer a truly unique programme that you are bound to find delightful! Caledonia Skytower has presented a number of outstanding programmes at The Magic Tree and at her working home, the wonderful Seanchai Library. I’m sure you all remember The Dickens Project from just this past Christmastide.

Always professional and charming, the lovely Caledonia brings many of her own original works to share with us. She also has many real-world projects underway at any given time, and her willingness to give us a look makes for some exceptional programming at Ce Soir Arts and elsewhere on the grid. This programme is no exception to that! Read on…

THE CURIO is a virtual art and story project by Eleseren Brianna.  The installation included 2D and 3D art pieces, and an accompanying tale written in the style the personal journal of a Victorian gentleman, centering on a colossal Enkeli (angel) sculpture discovered in the Finnish wilderness. Ms Brianna invited Caledonia Skytower to write an accompanying piece from the point of view of the sculpture. Presented as a story diptych, Eleseren and Caledonia will present THE CURIO and ETERNITY’S TEST, live at The Magic Tree on Tuesday, 10 January 2017 at 1:30 PM SLT.

Do come join us for this exceptional presentation. There will be artwork shown along with some exceptional reading by both Caledonia and Ms Brianna. We’ll see you there!


Your chariot awaits to The Magic Tree

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