Our first Thursday show of the new year – year six and counting!

Ce Soir Arts opened officially on 05 January 2012. It’s been exactly five years of art, poetry, theatre, and music – and we’re excited to really get going into year six. This evening we have three special musicians on hand to help us do just that! Our beloved Poet Laureate, Artist-in-Residence, and Musician ExtraordinaireRussel Eponym – who was the first musician to play here in year one, on 05 January 2012, drops in at his usual 2 PM. He will enchant us with an array of delightful original songs and deftly done covers that charm and delight for his excellent 90-minute show. Russell plays numerous instruments with talent and skill, and that velvety voice fills the hall with magic…. You must come enjoy with us, and your chariot to Château Ce Soir is noted below!

Russell Eponym at Château Ce Soir
Russell Eponym Charms at Château Ce Soir

Then, at the 6 PM hour, the multi-faceted Anj Gustafson flies in with his impressive rig and sets right to work RAWKIN’ Château Ce Soir! It’s always a party with Anj, and he has a range of musical gifts to share: guitar, piano, flute, Moog…and more including an unforgettable voice. He’s mastered the genres including classic rock and his own special music – with just the most perfect touch of electronica. It’s awesome, so jet yourself on over for a grand hour of fun and frolic!

Anj Gustafson RAWKS Ce Soir!
Anj Gustafson RAWKS Ce Soir!

This past year, Nuvolino stepped in to take MoShang Zhao‘s usual Thursday evening spot at 7 PM, as MoShang moved to take a new job and could no longer meet his usual time. We miss him, but are so pleased with the opportunity to host Nuvolino! This cool Aussie musician brings outstanding original trance and ambient sounds that fill the hall with an undeniable beat – and dancing feet! You can’t help but get into these elemental sounds, so come on over and let the music move you!

NUVOLINO's beat comes with light show!
NUVOLINO’s beat comes with light show!

Your chariot awaits to Château Ce Soir….

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