It’s mid-week! Come enjoy “Folktales & Legends of India” and Part 1 of “The Dream Factory”

Wednesdays are wonderful – and this one will be especially so at The Magic Tree. Readings that will engage and spark your own imagination are in store….

Master Storyteller, Bryn Taleweaver will capture the traveler in all of us as he takes us on a magic carpet ride to exotic India. We’ll be taking the journey of Folktales & Legends of India with Bryn as our guide. It promises to be a fascinating hour, and you can expect he’ll be properly arrayed for the event. I, myself, am thinking of rifling through my Inventory for some appropriate wear. This reading takes place at 2 PM SLT, so set aside some time for yourself and come join us for an hour of enchantment…

Author and reader Dubhna Rhiadra will be along straight away after Bryn (at 3 PM SLT) to keep us in rapt attention as she shares her own work that was especially prepared for the exceptional LEA installation The Brave (more on that in a moment). Dubhna regularly creates work that is quite impactful and this particularly engaging story series will be shared in three presentations at The Magic Tree – three special sessions that you will definitely wish to attend. We look forward to sharing with you!

We so enjoyed The Brave – with its many outstanding offerings focused on making the world a healthier place by highlighting good things that people can do and are doing to bring about a better world. We can all be brave and help in meaningful ways – from thorough recycling and other decisions based on a clear awareness of climate change to supporting and helping the world’s refugees in times of crisis and deep humanitarian need. We can be caring and loving toward all – and live with integrity and kindness in myriad ways; even how we conduct ourselves within our own families makes a difference. We at Ce Soir Arts believe that everyone can bring beauty, love, joy, and peace to the world and provide the kind of quiet or exuberant generative energy that propels us forward in development. We can do this by our attitudes and actions, the words we choose in communication within ourselves and with others, and the sharing of our individual and collective gifts and talents. Let us come together with a focus on making this precious life more wonderful and the world more sustainable and comfortable for more and more people and animals. The Brave was and is a reminder of all that and more…and it will live on in us. Thank you to so many who made The Brave such a fine experience including Medora Chevalier, Alazi Sautereau, Zimp RexieJunivers Stockholm, and Caryl Meredith).

Solstice Peace Tower at The Brave - Image from Medora Chevalier
Solstice Peace Tower at The Brave – Image: Medora Chevalier

Come…be inspired tonight at The Magic Tree!

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