Today was indeed special at The Magic Tree!

As noted earlier, today was very special at The Magic Tree. Poet Laureate of Ce Soir Arts Russell Eponym was here at NOON with his weekly programme of readings and music. Always a charming hour, this one had a special kick as we celebrated Russell reaching 4000 days in Second Life™! Whilst his 11th Rez Day is coming up soon, we thought it more than appropriate to celebrate this milestone too, and so…with a bit of fanfare and a lovely caramel pecan cheesecake, we did! If you missed it – no worries! He will be back again next Tuesday at the same time to again share from his vast collection of prose, poetry, and music – some from his very own pen. Do come along for this always delightful hour!

Russell - 4000 Days and Counting!
Russell – 4000 Days and Counting!

THAT was FUN! And the enchantment continued at 1:30 PM, when the lovely Caledonia Skytower – one of our favourite spoken word artists – arrived to share one of her latest writings: Eternity’s Test. This wonderful story was written at the request of Eleseren Brianna, the writer behind The Curio, a 2D and 3D art and writing project. Both Caledonia and Eleseren graced The Magic Tree by sharing a beautiful presentation of their lovely and moving collaborative work. To say that this was a special presentation would be a grave understatement; it was riveting storytelling, and well done. We were all enraptured as the unified story unfolded before us, enjoying the tale with wonderment. Do read an earlier post for more details…and look for these writers and readers to share more of their work here at The Magic Tree and elsewhere this year.

Eleseren & Caledonia with The Curio and Eternity's Test
Eleseren & Caledonia with The Curio and Eternity’s Test

On another happy note, Æon and I are pleased to share that we have (thanks to the very kind Jill Gonzales) discovered a fresh talent in Second Life™ – a reader who brings a fantastic voice and a wonderful understanding of the power of story to his work. He came yesterday and read for us following the above programmes. We were already completely charmed by those simply outstanding presentations, but Mr. G. Darkrose held his own when he stepped to The Reader’s Throne at The Magic Tree. We are formulating the schedule, so look forward to his first official reading and plan to join us. You will be glad you did! More information coming soon….

Mr. G. Darkrose at The Magic Tree
Mr. G. Darkrose at The Magic Tree

The Ce Soir sim is open for your enjoyment, with points above and below to explore; grab the notecard from Mr. Crane at landing and wander. Come…be inspired tonight!

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