The week ahead – a bit quieter after a stormy RL weekend…and check “About us…” for an update!

We had a rather stormy weekend – and its not over yet! Visiting in the midwest to attend (of all things!) a football game (Kansas City Chiefs v. Pittsburgh Steelers) with friends, we were caught by a major winter storm: Jupiter. Oh…how beautiful the ice has been, but also how treacherous and scary. Travel became all-but-impossible (and VERY unwise!) at a certain point, so we simply stayed in, drank hot chocolate, and visited! That part of the trip was fun (even though the Chiefs lost the game), and we did enjoy the gorgeous ruby-red cardinals that populated the trees, but we’re not back home just yet…. More rains await us there, as well, but it will be good to be home!

This coming week at Ce Soir Arts was already planned to be a bit less hectic, but filled with amazing talent and loads of fun! Do check the schedule below and plan to join us. Check also at the “About us & Ce Soir Arts” link above for a much-needed update on what’s what (and where’s where) at Ce Soir Arts. Then, come enjoy!

This week at Ce Soir Arts
This week at Ce Soir Arts

Your chariot to The Magic Tree or Château Ce Soir. Come…relax and be inspired tonight!

PS: There will remain some Christmas photographs from across the grid (including a wonderful one from Wildstar Beaumont) on display at Côte de la Mer Galerie & Lawn for a bit yet…

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