Beauty & Wonder at The Magic Tree This Week…Starting with Tuesday – 24 January

The Magic Tree always has something special to offer…and this week is no exception! First, on Tuesday, we start celebrating as our Poet Laureate, the inimitable RUSSELL EPONYM turns ELEVEN in SL on 28 January. This is something to celebrate indeed, and we hope you will join us this week – both for his lovely readings and music at The Magic Tree on Tuesday (NOON SLT) and for 90 minutes of music and fun at Château Ce Soir on Thursday (2 PM SLT) as he charms us with the wonderful “Folk, Blues and Beyond” for which he is so widely known. It’s going to be fabulous, so don’t miss a moment!

The Poet Laureate
The Poet Laureate

Also on Tuesday at The Magic Tree, the lovely and gifted CALEDONIA SKYTOWER will join us for a special selection of poetry by the beautiful poet, Maya Angelou. This woman’s work has touched the hearts of people around the world, and she is sorely missed by all – although her legacy of love and hope lives on. Come and let Cale take you on a journey through some of Maya‘s stunning and moving poetry. You will be warmly welcomed for this special hour.



Do not miss this exceptional programming!

Your Magic Carpet to The Magic Tree

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