Wednesday at The Magic Tree – More Wonderment to Share with Bryn Taleweaver and Dubhna Rhiadra

Tomorrow will be a session of outstanding story and poetry at The Magic Tree. Brought to us by Master Storyteller BRYN TALEWEAVER and the always engaging writer and reader DUBHNA RHIADRA, the tales that will settle over the sim are sure to charm. These two spoken word artists always share with grace and their own individual panache some of the finest stories, and this week is no exception.

BRYN READINGBRYN will read from a collection of Celtic Tales that he has thoroughly researched and chosen specifically to enchant. He’ll imbue the telling with his own unique and charming style – complete with an array of spot-on voices. His expressions are priceless and always fit the tale perfectly. Each of the stories we will hear tomorrow will be enjoyable – guaranteed!

dubhna-christmastideThen, DUBHNA will read Part 2 of her own stellar work (written especially for THE BRAVE Project) – “The Dream Factory.” Her engaging adventure follows two children who escape a sad, dark world in which all children’s dreams are stolen for power. Their experiences are riveting and offer the listener so much for reflection. It’s an engrossing story, to say the least, and you must come along and join us! We will be happy to greet you and welcome you to the relaxing, magical atmosphere.

Your trusty steed to The Magic Tree…come, be inspired tonight!

The Magic Tree Reading Spot

I can’t sign off without a note about what happened today…as it was lovely indeed!

russell-reads-0117As the sun sets on this Tuesday in SL, we rest contentedly after having enjoyed two magnificent readings at The Magic Tree. Our Poet Laureate (RUSSELL EPONYM) never disappoints with excellent music and readings to share – and the friendly crowd is always a delight! RUSSELL shared from his own memoirs – the moving “Letters to Harry” – as well as continuing with his completely engaging reading of Steinbeck’s time-honoured story “Of Mice and Men.” Of course, the music was well-chosen, as always, and we enjoyed the hour immensely, as we always do.

cale-a-womans-voiceThen as the lovely CALEDONIA SKYTOWER stepped to the Reader’s Throne, we were ready to relax and hear her superb reading of selected poems from the works of Maya Angelou. This beautiful woman is sorely missed, and celebrated as a tender and touching poet of inherent strength and vibrant beauty. I wept when CALE read “On the Pulse of Morning.” I remember Ms. Angelou’s reading of that glorious poem at President Clinton’s Inauguration – and I remembered the hope I felt then on hearing her words. CALE‘s reading evoked the same, and I feel grateful.

Ce Soir Arts…be inspired tonight…

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