Folk, blues and beyond at Château Ce Soir – almost eleven years in SL for Russell…

It’s true. Poet Laureate, Artist-in-Residence, and Musician Extraordinaire at Ce Soir ArtsRUSSELL EPONYM – will celebrate eleven years of entertaining thousands of people from around the world in Second Life™ on 28 January. This next Saturday marks the occasion to the hour…but we thought we should at least note the coming special event; after all, Æon and I have been around to enjoy RUSSELL and his many artistic talents for a few years, ourselves – and five of them here at Ce Soir Arts. He was our very first performer when we opened in January 2012; first, he sang on that momentous Thursday at Château Ce Soir and then he read the first reading at The Magic Tree Reading Spot the next Tuesday. Yes, RUSSELL has kept to pretty much the same schedule ever since – and we love it!

Russell at Château Ce Soir
Russell at Château Ce Soir

As our sixth year of art, literature, theatre, and music is underway, let’s take a moment to honour RUSSELL today. Come along to enjoy his very special blend of Folk, Blues and Beyond at 2 PM SLT. It will be 90 minutes of glorious song delivered in his inimitable style – complete with intricate trademark guitar work, ribbons of harmonic harmonica, a bit of zing with the kazoo or banjo, and a smooth velvet voice that fills the hall with magic. The banter is incredibly fun as friends gather, and we always learn something too as the clock ticks us through in time to the sweet, sweet music.

RUSSELL has an incredible – and growing – repertoire; many lovely songs are from his own pen, and we love each and every one of them including the first song Æon and I ever heard him sing in SL: Just Another Day, which denotes what it’s like to live here amidst the wonder of Second Life™; we won’t ever forget that, as it was the most fun we’d had in SL up to that time, and we were EPONYM fans from that day! Little did we know at the time that RUSSELL wrote that song on the fly as he had graciously agreed to fill-in briefly for a late-arriving musician! His many songs are each just as unique, but they all tell a story of one kind or another, and they’re all musically rich as well as lyrically taut AND flowing. His newest song, After the Deluge, was “tweaked” one day at The Magic Tree during a Poetry & Song session. What fun that was – and what a lovely song we all enjoy – usually, with Legolas singing along!

Those original tunes – each one a delight – fill out RUSSELL‘s set lists in company with his stunning renditions of some all-time favourites such as the romantic Harvest Moon by Neil Young; the beautiful The Promise by Tracy Chapman; the groovin’ Sultans of Swing by Mark Knopfler; the sweet Painting Box by Mike Heron; and an array of Donovan music including the charming Jennifer Juniper (which he sings, in part, en français). Add to that a ton of great Bob Dylan songs such as To Make You Feel My Love and I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight…along with loads of others from the likes of Simon & Garfunkel, Loreena McKennit, and Eric Clapton…well…what can I say?  RUSSELL always delivers an amazing show – in concert with everyone present. You see, RUSSELL believes that every show is OUR show – yours and mine – as well as his. And, in grace as a true gentleman folkie-crooner, he makes it so, every single time!

RUSSELL will be playing at several fine venues this weekend including Burnt Norton, Indigo’s, Prim Economy, Two Moon Paradise and Rainbow Painters in SL – and Fleure’s at InWorldz. Catch him around if you can; his schedule is available online HERE, so check it out! We always enjoy him here at locations in Ce Soir Arts and elsewhere including the very cool End of Time; the most beautiful of all underwater venues Merquarium; and at the varied locales of Silversword, where RUSSELL often performs specially-themed shows. Do join his group (Russell Eponym Fan Club) and follow him about; you’ll have a great time!

Come along to enjoy the music, laughter, and all-around good times at Château Ce Soir today. You will be warmly welcomed to one of the best experiences to be had anywhere. See you there! Your chariot awaits to the 2 PM Thursday show at Château Ce SoirDress for comfort AND style – medieval and modern dress from formal to casual is always welcome, but do bring your smile, as you’re definitely going to need it!

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