The Spoken Word – 07 & 08 February at The Magic Tree!

We have a full slate of great programmes this coming week, and if you’d like to hear J. K. Rowling‘s wildly amazing Harry Potter from the beginning, MrG Darkrose will begin that series this coming Tuesday. He’ll join our regular readers in a bi-monthly presentation following Poet Laureate Russell Eponym and the charming Caledonia Skytower; those will be special Tuesdays, so come along for the fun and adventure!

russell-the-magic-tree-0217-2Of course, Russell starts the week with his usual marvelous session at The Magic Tree. At noon, Tuesday (07 February), gather with us for his always edifying Thought for the Day and a variety of readings that presently include Steinbeck‘s stunning Of Mice and Men. Come follow George and Lennie in this time-honoured parable of life and what it means to be fully human. Russell offers a sensitive reading that is simply outstanding, and it’s only part of what he has to offer us each week. The music he shares is always a delight – sometimes light-hearted and fun, and sometimes more serious, it’s always enjoyable. For one thing, he introduces us to some exceptionally talented composers and musicians from around the world including himself; we do love it when he includes one of his own numbers in the mix, but always enjoy everything he brings to this enchanting and magical hour.

cale-a-womans-voiceCaledonia Skytower also brings us a rich variety of beautiful spoken word programmes, every-other week. At 1:30 PM on Tuesday, she takes the Reader’s Throne to read from Terry Pratchett, telling tales like “The Witch’s Vacuum  Cleaner,” which is a very funny story. Cale is great reading humourous works, as she peppers them with delightful dialects and natural giggles – very charming! Whether it is a selection from one of her own works such as a fascinating story from her Trio of Irish Tales series (I think there are five of them now) – or something beautifully reflective such as her “A Woman’s Voice” presentation of some of Maya Angelou‘s stunning poetry – it all comes together to make a much-enjoyed hour relaxing under the branches at The Magic Tree. It’s always delightful – and often humourous – so do come join us, and visit her website for more stories from this wonderful writer.

mr-g-at-the-magic-tree-january-2017-2As mentioned above, MrG Darkrose joins us at The Magic Tree for the first time this coming Tuesday. His voice is rich and nimble with nuance, so we are sure to delight in his initial presentation from the Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling. Whether you’ve read the stories as a dyed-in-the-wool Hogwarts fan or are just getting to the point where you must get the low-down on this fascinating group of tales, MrG‘s reading is sure to please – and then some! We can’t wait to get into this series with him, and you’re invited along for the fantastical, magical ride! Mr.G will open the pages of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone at 2:30 PM SLT, right after Russell and Cale finish their readings. It’s going to be fun, so do join us to welcome this quite gifted spoken word artist to The Magic Tree!

BRYN READINGAs Wednesday rolls around, it will again be STORYTIME at The Magic Tree.  Opened every-other-Wednesday at 2 PM SLT by Master Storyteller Bryn Taleweaver, this time is abundant with legends and yarns worth listening to. Gathering stories from various cultures, Bryn takes us on adventures both sweet and wild, capturing social and personal meaning along the way. Whether we are being regaled by lovely children’s stories from exotic places like India or Africa – or with dark legends and flights of fancy from other unique locations, we always have a great time listening! Bryn has a delightful way with a range of spot-on voices and accents that adds his own brand of panache to every reading. Come catch this Londoner as he holds court at The Magic Tree; no matter the tale…you’re sure to enjoy it!

dubhna-christmastideUp next in STORYTIME, is none other than the engaging writer and storyteller Dubhna Rhiadra. This charmer’s stories, original tales and the carefully chosen work of others are sure to please. Known far and wide as sharing deeply soulful, expressive poetry and writings by known and unknown writers, Dubhna takes us on an adventure to everywhere! Everything from the very serious to the delightfully humourous will get your attention and hold it for the riveting hour. Presently, Dubhna is sharing her very special story “The Dream Factory,” which was written for the beautiful art and action installation “The Brave.” Check here to learn more about Dubhna and her work – and here about the stunning “The Brave.” This particular tale recounts the adventures of two different children who cunningly escape a terrifying society in which their dreams are stolen for power. These determined souls make their way to freedom, discovering their true natures. You don’t want to miss Part 3, which Dubhna will read this week. In this final episode, Jack’s story comes to an unexpectedly stunning finale. Come be enthralled!


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