We knew it was gonna be good…but…get outta town!

russell-reads-0217Yes, we knew that we were in for something special at The Magic Tree on Tuesday. Of course, we always start with Poet Laureate Russell Eponym, and that’s guaranteed to be exceptional. The Thought for the Day, specially-chosen music (this time from the outstanding country/folk musician Mary Chapin Carpenter) and wonderful readings including Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men and some humour from the always delightful Pam Ayres were immensely satisfying. We were riveted as George and Lennie continued their adventures and chortled at Pam Ayre’s charming poems. Russell always makes it special, and the group of friends who gather only up the ante on enjoyment. The hour, as it always does, sped past. Don’t worry, though, he’ll be back next week!

Caledonia SkytowerAlso with something wonderful up her sleeve, the gifted spoken word artist Caledonia Skytower delighted us all with her reading from Terry Pratchett’s newest collection, the hilarious The Witch’s Vacuum Cleaner. It was a fun-packed adventure through these rather chaotic charming tales, leaving us ready for more, which Cale will deliver in two weeks’ time. She loves reading Pratchett, and that was easy to tell as the words rolled out like buttery cinnamon on morning toast. She was delighted, and so were we as the tales took us up, up, up the giggle scale. Remember the next date: 21 February, when Cale will continue with these very funny stories!

mrg-harry-potter-1We were very much anticipating what came next: MrG Darkrose in his first full-fledged reading at The Magic Tree (and SL). We were expecting to be taken by his choice of material – Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, first in the J.K. Rowling series that has captured the hearts of readers everywhere. With material like that, he was in good stead as he stepped to the reader’s throne. Well, let me tell you, we were all taken not only by the amazing story but also by MrG and his reading prowess. His telling of the tale was impeccable – complete with a full array of unique and spot-on character voices. I felt I was right there at the Dursley’s with Harry and watching the action unfold before me. It was an exceptional read – and we’re all excited about next time! Come along and enjoy MrG as he takes us further into this outstanding adventure. Come prepared to step into Harry’s world with MrG. We’ll see you 21 February!

Your ride: HERE

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