More outstanding spoken word at The Magic Tree…

bryn-0217We always know that we’re in for a nice surprise when master storyteller Bryn Taleweaver visits at The Magic Tree. Each time, he brings outstanding tales in a unique theme that takes us traveling. This time, we went back to Exotic India for more culturally-rich folk tales and legends. The folktales from this part of the world are always exceptionally colourful and filled with intrigue. Bryn brings his full vocal talents to bear in the telling and provides us with an array of characters that come in all shapes, sizes, and dialects. This session was just as rewarding as the last, and the bright red turban atop his head only lent flavour to the stories. Æon and I dressed for the journey in Indian costumery and truly enjoyed the trip! Bryn will return in two weeks’ time with yet another fine hour of storytelling. Look for details of what he has in store soon!

dubhna-0217Dubhna Rhiadra arrived to listen to Bryn before taking up Part 3 of her stunning story The Dream Factory – written especially for the installation The Brave. This tale of two very different children reveals how they each coped in a dystopian land where their very dreams were taken for power. Both desired to live their own lives free of oppression and sought to escape the prison of their world. Jack and Enya took different paths that led them to freedom together. The fascinating and richly-written plot is slowly revealed, leading to a stunning denouement that brings chills and cheers from listeners. These two children whose bravery allowed them to discover their true natures despite the many obstacles placed in their way is deeply inspiring – as is The Brave itself, a stunning piece of work that we will all cherish for a good long time to come.

Bryn and Dubhna will return to The Magic Tree in two weeks’ time. Come join us for more with these outstanding spoken word artists!

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