Valentine’s Week at Ce Soir Arts…


Romantics and dyed-in-the-wool believers-in-love look forward to 14 February, literally all year long. I speak to this with authority, as a card-carrying member of both groups. Never mind that it comes after the grace of Thanksgiving, the joys of Christmas, the hopes of the New Year…it has its own charms and holds its own against all the other major holidays. So what, if there is no bank holiday to celebrate – no “day off” from work to court or be courted? We don’t mind. Love is love every day, and setting aside this one day to honour it – and our loved ones – just bring us more joy!

We have some very special events in store at Ce Soir Arts, all meant to celebrate not just Valentine’s Day by LOVE itself. Check the calendar below (along with the remainder of this posting) and plan to come enjoy. There are loads of lovely couples animations sprinkled about the sim (up above and down below as well). So…bring your sweetie to dance, relax, and enjoy a little romance under the stars.

Speaking of romance and the stars…

silas-merlinThe magnificent 2D and 3D artist Silas Merlin created a group of romantic sculptures for Valentine’s Day. The nine elegantly presented Bouguereau Sculptures are on exhibit at Côte de la Mer Galerie through the month of February. NOTE that they are not for sale, but can be gained as GACHAs at the monthly shopping event The Chapter Four. Information and landmarks are available at the exhibit, so come enjoy these exquisite works! Relax dans la galerie and enjoy stunning romantic sculptures by Silas Merlin. These beautiful pieces are a joy to behold and are quite inspirational. Each has been created with a classical piece of art in mind. These exquisitely detailed works will be on exhibit through February.

Silas Merlin’s Bouguereau Sculptures – on exhibit through February


On Valentine’s Day…at The Magic Tree

russell-the-magic-tree-0217-2On Tuesday, Valentine’s Day, our beloved Poet Laureate Russell Eponym with gather us around The Magic Tree at Noon. As usual, he will share outstanding prose, poetry, and song along with his always encouraging Thought for the Day. This week – since, after all, it’s on Valentine’s Day, Russell will share a bit of romance with us. We can’t wait to see what classical or modern works he will bring along – and we’re all ready to sit down and tune in. Russell never disappoints. In fact, he’s known for his extensive collections from a range of literary and musical genres – and his readings are always rich with dialect and accents that are spot-on. Russell engages us and every visit to The Magic Tree is an adventure. Come on along – you will be warmly welcomed to grab a spot and enjoy!


Thursday: Valentine’s Dance…at Château Ce Soir

Russell Eponym 3Then, come Thursday, we’re all geared up for more at Château Ce SoirIt all starts with 90 minutes of the Russell Eponym sound at 2 PM. Come on over to the castle ballroom for the finest in folk, blues, and beyond with this virtuoso musician. Check an earlier post for a more in-depth look at this bright star who has been entertaining audiences with his rich repertoire in Second Life™ since 2006 – all within minutes of his first landing! He’s been going strong ever since, and we are pleased to have him joining us this – and every – week. This promises to be a magical night, so let’s get the party started – and what better way than with Russell on stage? The timing is perfect for our European friends, and we’re always glad to see them coming – especially in their dancing shoes!

Later in the evening things start to heat up again as we offer two hours of spectacular music with multi-faceted, multi-instrumentalists Andreus (Anj) Gustafson at 6 PM and Baz at 7 PM. These two professional musicians play an array of instruments each and are outstanding composers and arrangers with quite impressive dossiers. They have commanding knowledge of their setlists – both of which are quite extensive – and can put together a themed show with ease and artistry. With these two, Château Ce Soir is definitely where to be tonight!

Anj will start us out, bringing us his trademark alternative, pop and progressive rock that is informed by a strong electronica influence. This guy can rock – and innovate. We love it when he goes all moog and the like with some original space-journey music. It’s stupendous and quite an experience. Even when in a less adventurous mood, Anj charms us still. Whether it is a tune from rock’s rich history – such as a Pink Floyd number or something from Emerson, Lake and Palmer – or a title fresh off the airwaves like a Radiohead song or one of his own compositions (like my favourite: Crystal Lake)…we’re in for a treat. Anj truly has a repertoire that is like a box of Valentine’s Day chocolates: varied and rich – just right for a night of dancing and (I might add) romancing! With his guitar, piano, and flute – not to mention that signature voice and southern-charm banter – Anj will have us in the party mood from the first note! The hour will speed by, slipping into the future, but we will be having such a great time that we won’t even notice until the last gorgeous note has echoed through the hall….

Anj Gustafson working his musical magic….

Next up at 7 PM SLT, the gifted musician Baz will step to the stage. Otherwise known across the grid as Avantgarde Frequency, this seasoned professional can take any song and make it his own. He’s a Steely Dan fan but he knows well a very wide range of musical styles – and he can play them all with his own special touch. It goes without saying that Baz is a creative professional musician, composer, and producer – with stellar piano and guitar chops and vocals, all presented in incredibly smooth arrangements. Tonight, we can expect some superb romantic dance music from Baz. I hope he will include one of my favourites in tonight’s setlist: Your Song, the beautiful ballad from Elton John and Bernie Taupin. This song melts me…and when Baz sings it, the temperature rises quickly. He can do those sultry blues and give us a sweet number like Blackbird by the Beatles that is guaranteed to bring a sea of misty eyes to the audience. And if you’ve never heard him sing Norwegian Wood…well, stay tuned, friends! I don’t have a copy of the setlists for either Anj or Baz this night, but a great time is guaranteed!

Baz…atmospheres of sound….

What a way to celebrate the loveliest of holidays: Valentine’s Day. I know that some say it’s a “manufactured” holiday, made-up by retailers to sell cards, candy, and jewelry and not a commemoration of St. Valentine or a celebration of romance. Well…I for one am thoroughly wrapped up in red and pink hearts – and Æon has a standing order at the local confectionery (and is now good friends with our neighbourhood jewellers). We have a wonderful week of love and laughter ahead at Ce Soir Arts. And – despite the sometimes uncertain nature of things – joy abounds!

Your chariot: The Magic Tree or Château Ce Soir 

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