A new week…with enchantment in store at The Magic Tree…and more!

This coming week (21-22-23 February, especially) at Ce Soir Arts will bring several spoken word events at The Magic Tree and one spectacular music show at Château Ce Soir. We’re doing some planning and work in the background including preparing to host another marvelous play from Avatar Cameo Theatre (ACT) this spring – and adding-in a bit more music with the astounding Baz. He was here for the Valentine’s Party (which was a fabulous evening of music and dancing with Anj and Baz). Truly, there’s nothing like swaying to deeply romantic and rhythmic music to bring on a warm, relaxed yet celebratory mood. The evening inspired us, so look for more from both of these outstanding musicians (and, of course, Russell Eponym and Nuvolino too!)…

galerie-silas-ad-spotlight-finalWe are enjoying the gorgeous romantic sculptures from the gifted artist Silas Merlin at at Côte de la Mer Galerie. The Bouguereau Sculptures – based on original paintings by the French classical artist William-Adolphe Bouguereau – are on exhibit at Ce Soir Arts through February. They are not for sale, but can be accessed through 21 February at the excellent monthly event The Chapter Four. We are excited to have partnered with creator Lakua Arriaga from The Chapter Four on this event. Time is ticking, so get on over there NOW. Click HERE for the SLurl. Also visit the artist’s own gallery – The Silas Gallery – at New Babbage; this space is filled with lovely sculptures and paintings including some of the most wondrous portraits! Click HERE to teleport over…

feb-21-23-schedAs noted above, we’ll be having a grand time at The Magic Tree this week; both Tuesday and Wednesday will be busy and enjoyable. Poet Laureate Russell Eponym starts us out in grand style with his usual array of music, poetry and prose on Tuesday at NOON. The Thought for the Day is always thought-provoking and we have thoroughly enjoyed his reading of Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men. We don’t know exactly what’s in store this week, but you can be sure it will be special and beautifully presented. The music comes from a variety of very specifically-chosen musicians, and we always enjoy Russell and his taste. In fact, we’ve met many fine musicians through the music and information he shares – and his readings are top-notch (complete with spot-on voices and accents) and always a joy. Join us at The Magic Tree and experience the Poet Laureate‘s simply magical hour!

Then, at 2:30 PM, MrG Darkrose will again step to the reader’s throne at The Magic Tree to enchant us with the continuing saga (begun with his last reading) of the exciting adventures of Harry Potter and friends in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. MrG’s reading of this classic fantasy adventure by J.K. Rowling is exceptional; his command of dialects and characters is stunning, and we’ll be swept into the storyline in a flash! As Harry, orphaned as a baby, grows and learns of his history – and his future as a wizard with great capacity – well, we’ll be engaged and wrapped up in all that’s happening at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and beyond!

In a bit of a schedule shift this week (two hours later than her usual time), the beloved and gifted writer and reader Caledonia Skytower will join us at 3:30 PM for another hour of raucous humour as she reads from the ever-hilarious Terry Pratchett. We will laugh our way through the hour as Cale charms us with her expert reading of these delightful stories. Her knowledge of Pratchett and his work informs her reading as she shares snippets of information along with the giggle-worthy tales. Come along and join in all the fun – and do bring your smile, because – trust me! – you are going to need it!

That was a great Tuesday, but the enjoyment at The Magic Tree continues…

At 2 PM on Wednesday, Master Storyteller Bryn Taleweaver will give us a peek into the humourous and satiric worlds of well-known writer Douglas Adams. Reading from some of his stellar works, he will take us on quite a journey with Adams. As a reader who knows his subjects well, Bryn always brings interesting insights to share during his readings. Always enjoyable, an hour with Bryn at The Magic Tree on the works of Douglas Adams will be a delight indeed. Come join us – and bring your curiosity…

Following Bryn at 3 PM, Dubhna Rhiadra steps in to charm us with her soulful and expressive poetry and stories of enchantment. Dubhna, a richly talented writer and reader, brings her expertise and sensitive style of relating to her listeners to every session at The Magic Tree. She has quite a compendium of material – both that from various writers and her own pen – and she always chooses just the perfect mix to share. Come, take a seat and relax as Dubhna weaves tales fantastical and engaging. We are happy to make room for you under the branches at The Magic Tree. See you there!

And then…THURSDAY!

It is absolutely no secret that Æon and I LOVE Thursdays! Not only does Thursday kick-off the weekend, it does so in grand style at Château Ce Soir. Some weeks, we have two or three or four shows on Thursday, and some weeks, we have but one. But when it’s just one…it’s pretty wonderful, because it’s none-other-than Russell Eponym with his excellent 90-minute show! Russell streams LIVE from Wales with his fabulous folk, blues, and beyond, a truly eclectic mix of music that has a rich common thread: excellence. Russell gives a virtuoso performance, every time, and the fun we have with the family of friends – and often, new people too – who gather…well, it’s beyond delightful! Folk music serves as the base for Russell in his music, but he does wander “way over yonder in that minor key…” and it’s perfect, every time! There are toe-tapping tunes you will recognize from artists like Donovan and Dylan, along with Russell’s own beautiful compositions. Some tunes are outrageously funny (“One Meatball” springs to mind!) and some are deeply touching, such as a love ballad like the song written by Tracy ChapmanThe Promise. Russell’s got them all – and more to boot! Come enjoy and get your weekend off to a great start!

Your transport: The Magic Tree and/or Château Ce Soir… Come…be inspired tonight!

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