And a happy Monday morning to you too, Caledonia!

Early this morning, we received a lovely surprise. The wonderfully talented writer and reader Caldeonia Skytower – who reads at The Magic Tree every-other Tuesday at 1:30 PM (next on 07 March) –  let us know that her first monthly article in a new series at the SLArtist website had been posted. Of course, we were thrilled to know about this new avenue for Cale to share her extensive knowledge about the spoken word in-world – something we feel is one of the best aspects of both education and entertainment in SecondLife™. What she didn’t say in her opening sentence was that not only had her first-run article focused on introducing her exciting new series but also that this edition highlighted happenings at Ce Soir Arts.

The Magic Tree Reader's Throne Photo by Caledonia Skytower
The Magic Tree Reader’s Throne
Photo by Caledonia Skytower

Of course, I went there straight away and was simply overjoyed by the article and how beautifully Cale had portrayed the rising energy toward the spoken word in-world – and Ce Soir Arts, which is our dream-come-true in SecondLife™. Truly, from the first moment we discovered the arts in SL…we had dreamed of providing a space for expression and the exploration of art and literature in their many forms. Initially, we did not believe we could take on such a task and had all but let the dream slip away when one night we visited Fallen Gods by Alia Baroque and discovered the beautiful Myst buildings he had created. I will never forget standing on that rezzing platform and being lifted up into the air and landing inside the Hall of Mysts, which now serves as the main venue space at Ce Soir Arts. To say that we were inspired would be an understatement…and the rest, as they say, is history…

Things have shifted and changed many times since we opened the venue space (which at that time floated high above the sim on a platform I made the very night we bought those buildings from Alia) on 05 January 2012. With those changes, save for a vacation or RL-dictated hiatus here or there, each week has brought a mix of both educational and entertainment-based programmes. Russell Eponym, who is our Poet Laureate, Artist-in-Residence, and Musician Extraordinaire was the first to play music here – and the first spoken-word artist to grace The Magic Tree; he has done so weekly since then. Russell is a true Renaissance Man…and much more. We are truly graced by his continuing and very special contributions to the artistry that we strive to inspire and have expressed here.

Many other artists, musicians, actors, dancers, writers and readers have shared their talents here in these five years. We once hosted 20 shows per week…and we loved every moment of it! After a terrible storm damaged our properties in RL, we had to slow up a bit. Sadly, shortly after that, I sustained an injury that sidelined me for some time, and we slowed up a bit more – especially in the music arena, as my hearing was affected. As I healed and we slowly brought our properties back, we began focusing more on the spoken word including poetry, prose, stories, plays, and other spoken performances. We also dove a little deeper into the visual arts including modern and period paintings, portraiture, fractal art, particle creations, thematic photography, sculpture, and performance art from a range of magnificently talented individuals. What joy there is in sharing these expressive works….

I could go on and on and on…as you undoubtedly know. But at this point, I’ll stop and let you enjoy this wonderful first article by Caledonia at the SLArtist website – if you’ve not already jumped over there. Enjoy what you find – and be sure to return for another installment next month. I’ve got it bookmarked and have placed it in our blogroll so that our readers (yes, all 10 of you – and those who may also drop by) will have a ready connection to this delightful recurring resource from Cale. She is well-known for her work in the written word as Lead Staff at the events-rich Seanchai Library and owner of the daily Stories Unlimited! notification system. Check both of those avenues if you are interested in outstanding writing and reading and experiencing some of the most enjoyable hours possible in SecondLife™ or any other world. Let Cale lead you, because she knows where to go to find the very best. (Note: you can subscribe to Stories Unlimited! at The Magic Tree as well as at the other locations mentioned here or by IMing Caledonia in-world.)

Thank you, Cale, for your kind words and those gorgeous photographs of our beloved Ce Soir Arts in your very first article at SLArtist! Please accept our deepest appreciation for that and for sharing your beautiful work with us at The Magic Tree, at Seanchai Library, and at many other fine locales in-world. Your website (HERE) focusing on both your RL and SL work gives us opportunity to access your writing in that other world as well as this one, and for that we thank you as well.

Enjoy this week, everyone! Look for a posting about the week coming up at Ce Soir Arts soon! Be inspired…!

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