The week ahead…

It’s a bit quieter around Ce Soir Arts this week, but what we have in store is nothing short of wonderful. We’re doing a spot of traveling IRL, and you might not see us for lengthy hours, but we’ll be around, checking on things and enjoying these marvelous programmes, as always…

Tuesday brings us another hour at The Magic Tree with Poet Laureate, Russell Eponym. Opening with some excellent music, Russell often introduces us to musicians who are new to us; this is truly captivating, because his taste is impeccable and wide-ranging. We’re likely to hear something familiar or something completely fresh to our ears – and it’s exceedingly rare that there are quibbles about any of it; in fact, its usually so enjoyable that many of us jot down names and head to the artists’ websites and to iTunes or Amazon to explore further. Then, we queue up to hear the always encouraging Thought for the Day (an absolute do-not-miss!). After that, it’s a delightful mix of more music (sometimes one of Russell’s own songs), outstanding prose and poetry. In short, there’s something for everyone at The Magic Tree when Russell ascends to the Reader’s Throne. Today, he will wrap on Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men – so well-read it’s astounding. We have so enjoyed hearing all about George and Lennie that we can’t wait to see what story we’ll be hearing next week!

On Thursday, there will be tuneful magic at Château Ce Soir with a trio of shows from three of our faves: Russell, Anj, and Nuvolino! Russell kicks us off with 90 minutes of folk, blues, and beyond – LIVE from Wales at 2 PM. This show is always loads of fun and filled to the brim with great music and lots of smiles. Russell has virtuoso ways with the guitar, harmonica, banjo, and even the kazoo that will get us going on the dancefloor – and in chat! Come enjoy the music and the banter with the warmest group of friends found anywhere – and we will be happy to welcome you!

After a break, there are two more hours of great music ahead. Anj Gustafson, one of the most popular musicians in SL treats us to an hour’s walk through his musical garden at 6 PM. It’s a beautiful mix of RAWKIN’ tunes and sweet love songs that will have us dancing and partying like it’s…2017! Anj is a multi-instrument talent, and he spends time with both the guitar and the piano during every stellar show; there’s an electronica influence you can’t miss, and it’s pretty wonderful – plus that wonderful flute music that allows Anj to get into some very cool Jethro Tull and more! Add to that dance leadership provided by Kiran Sporg (we call her Ki!), and you’ve got yourself one rollicking good time! Come on over and have a good time with us as Anj rocks the castle!

Right after Anj, Nuvolino – who was on vacation last time – returns at 7 PM to chill us with his innovative original trance and electronica. THIS is quite a groove, and you just have to take that teleport and check it out for yourself! This Aussie has something special to offer, and you don’t want to miss it. The driving beat, the pulsing echo of those vocals…well, you just have to try it on. Nuvo creates all his own sounds and he works with various vocalists who bring unique energies to these very cool tunes. There’s a marvelous and rhythmic light show to go with the music, and it’s really something to experience – so get on over here!

Here’s the schedule with details – and don’t forget! This is the last week for Silas Merlin with his incredibly beautiful romantic sculptures at Côte de la Mer Galerie. Such tender, exquisite art… Come enjoy in the tranquil gallery…


Your conveyance(s): The Magic Tree – Château Ce Soir – Côte de la Mer Galerie

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