Spring? Apparently!

We are excited as the weather shifts more firmly toward spring. One sign is the incredible wind we are experiencing in these rolling hills. WHOOSH! The trees are bending to and fro and the whirlygig on top of the house is whirring round so fast it seems that it might take flight at any second! Even the clouds are speeding past…!

So…we decided to take a turn toward spring in-world as well. You’ll note a few landscaping adjustments as trees green-up and things seem to warm, here and there. PLUS, we’ve added some touches of spring at Côte de la Mer Galerie; outstanding artist Silas Merlin has agreed to our continuing to exhibit three of his romantic sculptures along with some of my landscape photos – all with A Breath of Spring (exhibit title). It’s a lovely spaceholder for what we have in store coming up! Stay tuned…and do drop by to enjoy the sweet spring air!

Spring Respite – photograph by Mireille Jenvieve

As if that were not enough to get us in a spring-y mood, we’ve got prose and poetry all over the place! Much of it will take a peek into the fresh new season, or give us a giggle or enchant us with magic and adventure! Of course, there’s a wee bit of romance involved…and some wonderful music as well. For now, I’ll get back to a spot of early spring clearing/cleaning, and let you peruse the schedule below. Come relax and enjoy!


                      Côte de la Mer Galerie & Lawn    The Magic Tree    Château Ce Soir 

Come…be inspired tonight!

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