The Magic Tree This Week… Terrific Tuesday is Pi Day!

Yes, it’s that time again…that wonderful day when we pause to celebrate the almighty Pi! Pi touches infinity, and there’s MORE! Check out this cool article from The New Yorker that ran on the Pi Day of the Century in 2015…when a once-in-a-lifetime thing happened to the date: Pi to the fifth digit!

Yes, Pi Day is worthy of celebration; it’s all but indispensable in mathematics and other sciences. And, besides…(in US parlance) 03/14 is the birthday of Albert Eintstein! DOUBLE-PI! We have pie (and pi) to enjoy, so come on over. AND…there’s MORE!

TUESDAY, 14 MARCH at The Magic Tree

NOON – RUSSELL EPONYM with Poetry & Song
Poet Laureate RUSSELL EPONYM offers excellent music and the best in prose and poetry every week at The Magic Tree. Russell reads with focus and energy from the old masters as well as modern writers – with depth, sensitivity, and sometimes great humour. He now and again reads from his own fascinating memoirs and takes us on adventures of many kinds as we follow characters through outstanding stories told with his own engaging style. The music he shares is often from a specific musician or group that Russell wishes to help us explore; it’s always something special, and he often sings one or two of his own compositions. Add to all that the Thought for the Day – which is always encouraging – you’ve got a charming hour indeed. Come join us…and be inspired!
The hour is presented by stream, LIVE from Wales!

1:30 PM – BRYN TALEWEAVER with “Tales from the Tribes”
Bryn will share fascinating stories and legends from various tribes of America’s native peoples. These American Indian tales will explore the rich folklore and cultures that have existed since well before the pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock. This master storyteller imbues each adventuresome reading with his own panache including great voices and a well-studied presentation. Come enjoy Bryn as he embarks on an excellent storytelling hour as we rest beneath the branches of The Magic Tree to listen and learn.
This event will be presented in Voice, LIVE from the UK!

Ce Soir Arts – The Magic Tree

Your ride: The Magic Tree 

Come, be inspired tonight!

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