Our love of the spoken word – and another milestone for our friends at Seanchai Libraries coming up!

It should be no secret by now, but we at Ce Soir Arts are into the spoken word art form. In our view and experience, there’s just nothing like a well-told tale or a deftly written (and read aloud) story. Whether it’s a riveting play with tightly-woven twists and turns – complete with a surprise ending – or a heart-wrenching account of love-gone-wrong…we adore it. In fact, it is the vast diversity of language the world over as it is used as a medium for conveying everything from fact to fancy that has captured us. Indeed, from sparse – and sometimes acerbic – turns of phrase to entire compendia of sweet poetic genius, words and their meanings in their capacity to be formed into unique collections that draw from us the full range of thought and emotion is both the prison and the playground of our hearts.

This is one reason why we celebrate what’s coming up next weekend – and beyond: the celebration of nine wonderful years for the Seanchai Library in Second Life™. This collection of talented creators, writers and readers has brought something wonderful and enriching to life on the grid – and have done so from the very beginning of their adventure. They inspire us to greater good, and for that alone they deserve our congratulations and appreciation; they give voice to the full spectrum of the spoken word and honour this form of artistry by presenting a continually growing programme of presentations. From exquisitely detailed group performances like their annual ode to Dickens (The Dickens Project) to several gatherings for readings and much, much more…this troupe of talented individuals makes for a fine collective. In fact, Seanchai Library (website: HERE) is a treasure trove of outstanding work that deserves our attention and appreciation. Join us in congratulating and thanking Seanchai Library, its founders and present staff for all they have contributed and will continue to offer us. We thank their hosts at Bradley University for bringing their work to the grid. Check below for details of the celebration to be held next weekend – and click for the address!

As academics, Æon and I have long entertained the mystery of communication. How it is that human persons routinely form meaningful syllabic miracles within the spaces of their mouths is an amazement. That they can then project an array of sounds that make glorious melody on the air – frightful or delightful – well, let’s just say that we’re into it! Add to that the beautiful language of those not able to hear, and you’ve got a vehicle for connection that is unparalleled, for it embodies the spiritual as well as the physical, the common as well as the unique. Hence…we have created The Magic Tree in the virtual palace of Second Life™. Here, we enjoy the gift of gab in all its available permutations. From wildly humourous yarns to subtle and intriguing narratives, from fanciful faerytales to the deepest legends rich with culture and meaning, it’s all welcome here.

We have several partners – both formal and informal – at Ce Soir Arts, and we enjoy their many contributions to the ambience of the sim and to the entire grid. As a Libran sensitive, I can be deeply affected by the environment that surrounds me, and ensuring that the breezes that blow here carry echoes of voice and value is important. Encouraging the life of the spoken word art form throughout the metaverse is vital, and we do what we can to fan the flames and feed the fire. Of course, hosting readings is primary, and we love doing that. The Poet Laureate of Ce Soir Arts – the erudite and charming Mr. Russell Eponym – demonstrates our shared commitment to both education and entertainment. His work is stellar and truly singular. His command of language and artistic expression across the creative horizon is striking and heart-warming; his readings are the highlight of the week here – and have been every week since January 2012. Join us – Tuesdays at Noon – for an exceptional hour under the branches of The Magic Tree

We have the privilege of hosting Russell with his visual art, musical virtuosity, and expertise in the spoken word. His knowledge is vast – and he loves both sharing it and learning more. He continues to inspire us – which is, of course, the centrepiece of life at Ce Soir Arts: inspiration! In exploring that inspiration, we are blessed to host several of the grid’s finest talents. Russell is joined by writers and readers such as master storyteller Bryn Taleweaver, whose well-researched presentations take us around the world in word and wonder. Dubhna Rhiadra steps to the Reader’s Throne with her stunning work – both fanciful and deeply impactful – from the writings of others and her own flowing pen. MrG Darkrose captures our love of story by (at the present) taking us on adventures with Harry Potter and friends – complete with spot-on character voices and expressions. These, along with the gifted writer and reader Caledonia Skytower – whose Celtic leanings are filled with gold – make up the present cast of characters who regularly read at The Magic Tree. Over time, several others have taken the spotlight here, and all have delighted us – and will again. (By the way, check back in coming weeks and months for a summer series of interviews with artists from various areas of endeavour including visual arts, the written/spoken word, music, and dance.)

Æon and I have been known to share a tale or recite a poem, now and again…and our students regularly find their way to Dover Beach Theatre to explore the beauty of the stage and stories told in dramatic frame. Look for some public presentations this summer! Note also an upcoming post about an April 01 presentation by the excellent theatre troupe Avilion Cameo Theatre (ACT) – website HERE. We’ve hosted them before and always enjoy their artistry! This time out, it’s If Music Be the Food of Love – and it will be enchanting at a special locale at Ce Soir Arts. Stay tuned!

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