Oh, the things we learn!

This quick post is to let you know that even though we’ve been in SecondLife™ for about EIGHT YEARS…we’re still newbies, at least in some things. CASE IN POINT… A very nice young woman mentioned to me that she landed in the weeds when she clicked the LM for Ce Soir in SL Search. “Hmmm…” I thought. So, I investigated. And I suddenly realised what was happening. The REGION is listed first, and that’s Ce Soir. THEN, the PARCEL (which, in this case is the whole sim) is listed second, and that’s Ce Soir Arts. Sooo…people who don’t know about Ce Soir Arts – or who have, understandably, confused the two, click on the REGION and land in the weeds! YIKES!

To alleviate this problem, I’ve “prettied up” that spot with a nice bench and have placed one of our Landmark Cranes there so that people can grab the LM notecard and get to wherever they want to go at Ce Soir Arts:

The Magic TreeChâteau Ce SoirCôte de la Mer Galerie & LawnDover Beach TheatreThe Graveyard DungeonWitchwood HollowThe Conservatory (and the neighbouring Oracle Parlour)

Come see us…you’ll be welcome at any time. Check out the current schedule here on the blog and at the Château Ce Soir landing. A big “thank you” to that lovely young woman who drew my attention to this situation. Yes, I should have known, but…nobody’s perfect! We are very pleased about this and hope that it will make visiting Ce Soir Arts much more enjoyable – especially for those who don’t know to use the parcel LM. We want everyone to enjoy Ce Soir Arts – from their very first visit!

Come…be inspired tonight!

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