Nuvolino chills and Bazfusion takes over…!

We had quite a night at Château Ce Soir. Thursdays are always special, and tonight…well, tonight was something special, indeed!

First up at 6 PM was Nuvolino – the Aussie electronica and trance wizard who always brings a deep and satisfying beat to his performance. Original tracks that take us on a magic carpet ride of rhythm are the hallmark of an hour on the dancefloor with Nuvo at the helm. He brought out some new tracks for us to experience, and all we can say is, “We can’t wait for more!” He’ll be back in two weeks’ time, again playing before Baz and bringing us an hour of cool groove – and that light show! You’ve got to check it out!

Then, at 7 PM, the long-awaited return of Baz – a favourite multi-talent at Château Ce Soir. His ever-evolving take on the world of music is a journey through time and space. Called BAZFUSION, the atmospheres of sound he creates – whether of his own composition or special take on a well-chosen cover – whoosh us up into his galaxy for a stellar trip through the night. He was on fire, and brought his extensive gifts with guitar and piano to bear on a set that ranged from the richly romantic to the laugh-out-loud FUN. It was well worth waiting for!

The crowd had a grand time, and could be overheard complimenting the musician on stage. At one point in Nuvolino‘s hour, Mimi said, “I really needed this chill sound, and the beat for dancing to take my stress down. It’s just so cool, Nuvolino! Thank you!” Everyone seemed to agree with her comment and the dancing continued. During Baz‘s show, there were also many wonderful statements including this from Franciscal Capalini: “Love your complex arrangements! A metaphysical arrangement Baz; I do understand about how you feel in Music. :)” We could not agree more! And so…both of these musicians will be back!

Come catch Nuvolino again in two weeks’ time, when he will again play at 6 PM. He promises more new tracks soon, so you really don’t want to miss this chill and thrill hour. He does play elsewhere around the grid in-between his gigs with us, so look him up! Some information about his music is available at his website HERE.

Baz will be back next week – and every week – at 7 PM. Next time, he follows the amazing Anj Gustafson, who will rock the castle with his own stunning musical repertoire. This will be a great back-to-back too, so come on over to enjoy an outstanding show that’s destined to be a party!

Come, be inspired tonight!


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