Come enjoy this week at Ce Soir Arts – literature, music, and theatre await!

There are some wonderful happenings scheduled for this week at Ce Soir Arts. Check the schedule below for the details…and check back soon for more information. We are especially honoured to host the marvelous Avilion Cameo Theatre (ACT) for another of their fine productions: If Music Be the Food of Love. This production, written by Lady Bajoy and performed by the wonderful ACT troupe, explores the music of Shakespeare’s plays. It will be a beautiful production, and we hope you will join us!

°•··•°°·. This Week at Ce Soir Arts .·°°•··•°

Côte de la Mer Galerie                                                                                  A Breath of Spring!
Spring landscape photography by Mireille Jenvieve and romantic sculpture by Silas Merlin provide a look at the sweetest season. Life stirs anew under the tender sun. Come relax in the tranquil seaside gallery; enjoy the beauty!

The Magic Tree
The Poet Laureate shares outstanding music and wonderful prose and poetry including his own stunning work. The Thought for the Day is always enlightening and encouraging, and the company is always a delight. Come join us!

Château Ce Soir
THUR 2 PM: RUSSELL EPONYM with folk, blues, and beyond!
Enjoy 90 minutes of great music – originals and covers – from “the folkie” whose musical talents are legendary! We always enjoy these Thursday musical adventures with Russell and friends as he streams LIVE from Wales. Come enjoy as the evening begins!

6 PM: ANJ GUSTAFSON: Rocking cool music!
A compelling vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, Anj brings a very cool setlist and an exciting energy to the castle. It’s always a party – and the folks who gather always have a great time. Anj swoops in with the lovely Ki, who shares her professional dance HUD and keeps us dancing the night away!

7 PM: BAZ with BAZFUSION in atmospheres of sound!
This professional composer, musician, and arranger offers a great hour of musical adventure and exploration. His musicianship is exceptional and his daring in exploring the musical horizon unmatched. Come take flight with Baz and enjoy the night!

Special Location – LM will be available soon!
If Music Be the Food of Love
This professional troupe has carefully prepared a beautiful presentation: “If Music Be the Food of Love: Playwright William Shakespeare meets Composer William Byrd.” Excellent acting and sweet music combine in this outstanding performance by an exceptional theatre troupe. We are always pleased to host them. Written by Lady Bajoy and acted by an exceptional collection of talented individuals, this programme will delight and edify as we learn about this beautiful music.

Look for more details in an upcoming post. Please join us!

It is a wonderful week ahead. Come, be inspired tonight!
Mireille and Æon


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