Something special this weekend at Ce Soir Arts: “If Music Be the Food of Love” with Avilion Cameo Theatre!

We are pleased to again welcome the accomplished AVILION CAMEO THEATRE (ACT) to Ce Soir Arts. Creative Directors Lady Bajoy and Lady Serenek bring us a lovely programme, a play written by Bajoy. The troupe including Dramaturge Wald Schridde has carefully prepared the beautiful presentation: “If Music Be the Food of Love: Playwright William Shakespeare meets Composer William Byrd.” Actor and poet Dubhna Rhiadra portrays Shakespeare and Wald Schridde portrays William Byrd and provides special musical performance on recorder (arranged by Carl Dolmetsch).

Join us on Saturday, 01 April at 1 PM SLT to enjoy this beautiful musical and performance experience. Please arrive 15 minutes early to find a seat, enjoy the pre-show music, and access information that will be provided regarding the performance (by HUD and notecard, plus a SoundCloud link). Have your Voice activated, with microphone off, and listen to the music by stream.

A special location above the Ce Soir sim has been created; do come enjoy this delightful programme with ACT at the lovely Old Globe Theatre (click HERE for your trusty steed to the beautiful theatre location). Information notecards will be provided to guide you as the performance progresses. You will be warmly welcomed to this educational and entertaining performance, and information about Ce Soir Arts will be available as well. To learn more about Avilion Arts Connection, click HERE.

Come, be inspired tonight!

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