A Fresh New Week in Spring: Art, Poetry, Tales, and Music Ahead…

The rains have come (definitely!) and our world is lush and green…full of life and dotted with daffodils and tulips once more. The air is fresh and clean, and we’re taking a deep, energising breath and taking it all in. Spring – as they say – has sprung in our world and we are very happy to see it blossoming and washing the hills in colour. The sun was even shining today – and not a cloud on the horizon!

After a wonderful performance of If Music Be the Food of Love by the outstanding theatre company Avilion Cameo Theatre this past Saturday, we are all primed for this beautiful season. The music of William Byrd was beautifully played on recorder by Walt Schridde (who portrayed Byrd). The well-known poet and storyteller Dubhna Rhiadra enacted a wonderful William Shakespeare! In fact, all members of the company shone in this professional production. Lady Bajoy wrote the play and she and Lady Serenek Timeless directed with grace and skill; costumes were stunning and the timing was perfection. We so enjoyed the play – and look forward to hosting ACT again in future. Stay tuned! In the meantime, visit their website HERE to keep pace with their productions. You will have a wonderful time at any of their plays or events.

This week’s schedule is sure to please – with loads of spoken word options and some of the finest music on the grid! Check it out below, and plan to join us as often as you can. With Poet Laureate Russell Eponym starting us off on yet another fine week at The Magic Tree…the week looks promising as spring!

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