We love good news – Poetry of the Planets by Caledonia Skytower and a Special Reading from Poetry Out Loud

One of our favourite writers and readers is off on a spectacular adventure to the stars! Caledonia Skytower has created a magnificent program at LEA4. Indeed, Poetry of the Planets is much more than a beautiful installation of planetary wonder. Combining art, music, and writing, this is an interactive wonderment. You must go encounter it yourself, and you can do so HERE. Visit and be inspired to write poetry that you can submit to designated dropboxes at each planet’s location or by emailing them to Cale at caledoniaskytower@gmail.com. More information is available at the SLArtist website HERE, and you can follow happenings including some of the poetry submitted at the Poetry of the Planets Blog. Go and enjoy! Be inspired!

Cale also has something special in store for us on Tuesday at The Magic Tree – 1:30 PM. She will share poetry from students participating in the Poetry Foundation program POETRY OUT LOUD. These works are exceptional and fresh, and Cale reads them with the finesse they deserve. Come enjoy Cale in her ability to express the intent of these surprising young writers. You will be inspired by their talent and captured by Cale and her outstanding delivery.

DO NOT FORGET that the richly-voiced MrG DARKROSE will return at 2:30 PM for more adventures with HARRY POTTER and friends as he takes us into the stories of JK Rowling’s amazing first book. Indeed Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone comes alive as we relax under the branches of The Magic Tree. Come join us!

Catch this breeze to The Magic Tree. We’ll see you there!

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