Spring has sprung…and another week waits in the wings…

Spring continues its surprising 2017 version of the weather…and what weather it is! RAIN – RAIN – and glorious SUN! Finally, we have sunshine and the world is greening up all around us in both RL and SL. I have peonies already at the back door, and there are buds on almost every tree. Wonderful!

Spring is lovely, but let me note that summer is going to be particularly spectacular at Ce Soir Arts this year; plans are “in the works,” and soon to be put into motion. There are some changes afoot (again!) for us in the RL, and that means some good things for our SL presence coming up…

For now, we have the beauty of poetry and music to set us soaring in those clear spring skies. Check the schedule below and come join us!

Your chariots await! The Magic Tree Château Ce Soir

Come…be inspired tonight (and every night)!

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