Russell, Anj and Baz – spot on!

We always have a great time on Thursdays at Château Ce Soir – great music always fills the air as we dance and chat and generally enjoy ourselves. This week was no exception, and we smiled our way through the evening and into the night!

          Above, the Main Stage at Château Ce Soir … just waiting for something wonderful!

Russell Eponym was superb with his instrumental talents – and he hit them all during this exciting 90-minute show; it was non-stop fun and outstanding music (guitars, harmonica, banjo, kazoo, and all!). The vocals, as always, were velvety-smooth, and we luxuriated in the soothing sounds – and howled as some sweet and funny moments came along. I often say Russell can tickle the funnybone as well as he can delight the musical spirit. He’ll be back next week at 2 PM, so come on over!

Anj Gustafson brought his outstanding repertoire along at 6 PM to heat up the night with some exceptional music. His renditions of Emerson, Lake, and Palmer are always on the money – just as his covers of an array of other top bands are. His own tunes are exceptional and we always enjoy listening and dancing to the groove. The guitar riffs and rounds at the keyboad accompanied his astounding voice – and we loved every minute! He will return in two weeks’ time to ROCK the castle with the best party atmosphere around! He and Ki even bring the best dance HUD on the grid!

Baz with BAZFUSION was up next – this time with a mix of “Jump Blues Fusion” that was a stellar trip through some well-known blues from artists like BB King and even some Steely Dan. He poured it on with those incredibly professional arrangements of his – at both the guitar and piano. The new “BANNED BAND” was on tap too – and they are a delight, what with their dancing and cool banter to go with the awesomely themed tunes. Baz gets into the dancing too, and it’s a hoot! Come over next Thursday for another dose of BAZFUSION at 7 PM!

Look for information on next week’s wonderful spoken word and music events at Ce Soir Arts. We need to take the weekend for Easter holiday – work and relaxation mixed, as it turns out. We wish you blessings on Easter, if you celebrate.

Do come on over and enjoy the place! It’s open with the music stream going. There are lots of places to relax with friends, dance with someone special, or just rest on your own. Come in peace and leave refreshed….

Be well and happy – and be inspired tonight!

Main Landing     Château Ce Soir     The Conservatory

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