Shakespeare’s Birthday – and “Much Ado about Nothing” at Fantasy Faire!

Today is both the anniversary of William Shakespeare’s birth (in 1564) and his death (in 1616). It is a day to pay homage to this most prolific and wonderful of writers. His work in poetry, prose, and theatre is truly yet unsurpassed in modern times; we believe it may never be – and that’s just fine with us. His work is inspiring in its depth and beauty, and will always be relevant in our lives, for his touch with humanity and spirituality was – and is – unique and accurate.

Last year, we held a marvelous celebration at The Dover Beach Theatre – with readings about St. George (whom we also celebrate today) by Bryn Taleweaver and an eloquent reading from Hamlet by Ce Soir Arts Poet Laureate Russell Eponym. It was an excellent presentation, and one we will long remember. This year, there was no way for us to manage such an event, as there are several complicating factors in both RL and SL; however, we can take a moment to honour St. George – and especially, The Bard of Avon.

Recently, the Avilion Cameo Theatre perfomed at Ce Soir Arts an exceptionally rich review of Shakespeare’s work, focused on the influence of weaving in music from William Byrd. In truth, this pairing changed theatre for all time, as musical expression – along with dance – became part of theatrical beauty, enriching the experience for all.

So, despite our paucity of specific programming in celebration this year, we applaud the work and memory of all who have brought talent and depth to expression across the artistic horizon. Of course, our main focus is the celebration of Shakespeare, himself – arguably the very best of playwrights. We have all benefited from his work, and the legacy will continue! What can we learn from Shakespeare’s writings? Literally, everything we need to know about the human experience in all its twists and turns – and in its true elegance. Bravo, William! And thank you!

William Shakespeare – by Cobbe


Much Ado about Nothing

Two Performances at Fantasy Faire on Opal Flight!

 Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy this marvelous comedy by William Shakespeare, presented by the Faireland Players! Go, relax and support RFL of SL at the same time!

Click the poster above for the LM.

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